Jonny Evans


I saw on twitter that Gabriel could be out just 3 weeks, not sure if true or not, hopefully not the ligament damage. Either way, signings need to be brought in, and this was before and especially after the injury to Mertesacker.

Would I take Evans? Yes. He would slot right in Sunday I would say. I just can’t be over the moon over it, no pun intended!


Not sure if serious


But they didn’t last year and that’s rather the most relevant, don’t you think? The core of those City teams are mostly in their 30s now and on the downside of their careers.


Considering Gabriel has all the ball playing skills of a sea snail I’d say that being three times better makes Evans good enough to play for a midtable side not be a starter(because that’s what we need right now) for Arsenal.


I hope that’s all. Not that Gabriel’s all that, but he might end up being pretty good with time. Supposedly he was to have a scan today, but Arsenal is usually tight-lipped about these things. The thing I was reading (I can’t recall just where, but it was one of these folks who claim to have some sort of source close to the club) said something about possible ligament damage but that Wenger wouldn’t want it known if it were a long-term injury so as not to give the other clubs an incentive to up their prices or whatever. But who really knows what’s actually going on? He may not really be after either of these guys and might end up with somebody nobody is even bothering to make up crap about. (I’d kind of like Van Dijk myself.)


Lol, no that’s a fucking awesome reason to sign a player. :joy:

Besides I think we could do worse. Evans is alright he’ll be a good third option when Mert is back fit. Not that I’ve lost hope in Gabriel but he’s not doing so hot atm.


If we are going to get Mustafi as well, I would be fine with signing Evans. But there is no way we are buying 3 CBs in one window so I would rather have Mustafi in the long run.


Absolutely no way known we sign both, Wenger would be thinking we then have 6 centre halves in the squad. ( Thats not including Monreal & Debuchy lol)


No, I don’t. Because seasons like last were the top clubs are all underperforming (Chelsea was 10th(!)) are an anomaly. Or at least Arsenal has to prove that it wasn’t circumstantial.

Our core players bar Ozil/Xhaka are also in or close to their 30s btw.


I agree, but we all know Wenger will never buy two players in the same position in the same window, no matter how desperate he is.

To anyone going on about Ferguson rating him, I would like to remind you, he also rated Sylvester.

Also, if Evans is so great, then why didn’t Wenger sign him before when we needed a CB?
Why is a world class player like Eanns still at West Brom when there is such a shortage of quality defenders?


When was the last time we had two CB’s missing x months each a week before the season starts?


There’s no doubting that we’re crying out for a Cb and St, but that still shouldn’t stop us from trying to sign the best player in the league last season who would fit like a glove into one of our three problem positions, unless Wenger’s ear marked that spot for Serge Gnabry in which case I’d more than happily hold my hands up and agree with you.


For me right winger is more important than any other position. We lost title last season because we had no one on right to support San-Ozil-Gir .
It was a handicap.
We have decent prpven players at Cf and CB but not for right wing.


Were you unhappy with Iwobi’s contribution? Personally he was a real highlight, somewhere in that Rosicky, Nasri kind of silky Wenger player that we’ve missed pretty much since Nasri left. Good feet and can see runs happening in front of him and make runs. If he could play an entire season like he ended last season (obviously a big ask for a youngster) I think he’d be fine, especially with a bit more movement up front from an improved forward. We’re never going to have the best players but what matters is the best fit making that work in a system and I really liked the kind of player Iwobi seems to be.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but imo Iwobi shouldn’t be a starting player for a side aiming for the title. I don’t think we should heap too much expectation on him by making him a starter week in week out. Let him develop at a more natural pace being one of the players we bring on to change a game, and to start when the first choice needs resting or benching. He’ll sill get plenty of minutes to aid his development.


I really like Iwobi.
He could be what we wished Rosicky could have been if not for injuries.
I am open to internal solution where either of Iwobi, Ox or Campbell make the position their own.


  1. Iwobi is really quite young so concerns are there if we should rely on him.
  2. I think he is a central player rather than a winger.


Good thing we aren’t realistically aiming for the title.


Sometimes I speak as if we are because I think we should be.


We most certainly should be.


You’re right, tbh it’s August and I’m completely clutching at straws. I’d rather spunk serious cash on Mahrez but I can’t see us signing anyone and from our existing options he’s probably the one who deserves a shot. I could bear us sucking a little more if it was while giving talent a chance. No point being let down by older players.