Jonny Evans


Can someone explain to me why we get up in arms about the prospect of missing top 4 ? Its not like we use the CL to lure top quality players anyways. And we certainly aren’t in the competition to go past the Round of 16.


Is this a real question? Because i think you know the answer.


Hurry up and sign Johnny boy



First post ive seen that makes sense from you . However 8 dont think I can hack it if hes injury prone.


I mean it wouldn’t be the worst signing.

I’d see this as a kind of stop-gap signing that could be good for us a la Arteta.

Not too old, lots of experience, several titles, not too expensive, cam obviously do a good job for a season or two.

Yeah he’s not going to set the world alight and he’s not a sexy signing but he’s probably a very sensible signing. I’d prefer Mustafi but I wouldn’t mind Evans.


Fck NO !? No more cast offs from any club - would rather give our kids a chance ffs !?


Am I the only one TIRED of stop gaps?

We should be past that shit in all honesty.

Some of you need to realise bringing in an average at best CB into a team that has a manager that is tactically inept will not end well.


I highly doubt you’d be prepared to go with Holding/Bielek alongside Chambers.


Coming round to this signing for the sole fact we need a CB pronto.


Mission accomplished by Wenger then.

Jonny Fucking Evans

I’d like to say I can’t believe it but…


Don’t know why we’re not after Virgil Van Dijk if looking to make a move for someone who’s tried and tested in the Premier league, he was absolute class (won player of the year) in his first season at Southampton and is equally as good on the ball as he is off it plus he’s only 24.


I can objectively say that he’s a better than average defender and would improve on what we have (which is hardly an achievement) but this would be just another indictment of the club’s lack of ambition.

Also, Evans is a complete c*nt. I still remember this challenge on Drogba:

I’m no fan of Drogba but how on Earth did he get booked for that? I’m pretty sure he was out injured for a while following that challenge, a rib injury of some kind.


Pray do tell what top club would sign Jonny Evans?

But I suppose we’re not a true top club so makes sense.


Fckn UTD animal, that’s disgraceful !?


I hope we sign him just for the dramatic meltdown from our fans. It’s already amusing, and it’s only a rumour.

C’mon Johnny!


Thats a stupid reason for wanting to sign a player.


What can I say? I like to be entertained :slight_smile:


That’s just plain demonic.


I’ve no problem with this move whatsoever. Noone could have forseen two first team CB’s going down with lengthy serious injuries during pre-season.

If it happens, It’s not particularly a panic buy, more of a calculated emergency purchase.

This close to the start of the season we need someone right now ready to go. Someone who is affordable yet has the necessary experience - we already have young CBs.

Not saying Evans is a god send, hardly, but he’s far from shite and could do a job. We tend to go on a lot about having players for the future, but in this instance we could do with plugging a hole left by two injured first team centre halves.