Joe Willock (28)

A target man would be perfect, someone who won’t cost too much and knock in a few goals and doesn’t mind playing half the games.

West Ham have just let Andy Carroll go.
He is a great target man and can knock a few goals in and certainly won’t mind missing a few games.

This post started out as a joke but I think I’ve convinced myself he is the man for the job. :grinning:

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If only our coach was willing to use our academy better. Fucking Bumery.

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I’d happily play 4-3-3 with Guendouzi Torreira Willock as the mids

He isn’t doing that in the PL.

I think you’ll find if he does it in pre season it’s basically a guarantee he will repeat it during the season. :kos2:



Number 28

Could be why we aren’t investing externally for a CM role.

We have Xhaka, Torrieira and Geundouzi. Elneny is just a non entity and Ozil can’t play anywhere except behind the strikers effectively.

There’s a space for a Willock/Chambers to get minutes for sure.

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Bielik will be sold now I guess. Not good.

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joe willock down a place in our midfield in the coming seasons

Why do you think that, there is more than enough room for him, especially since we dont have a huge amount of midfielders to rely on,also he can slot into defensive roles also, he can play CB too he is quite adaptable.

I really don’t mind our current midfield options.
#6/#8s: Torreira, Xhaka, Guendo, AMN, Elneny(gone?)
#8/#10s: Ozil, Iwobi, Willock, Mkhi(gone?) ESR(??)
Plus, Zaha could definitely do a job as a #10 as well.

I think he’ll have it in his mind that he’s ready to step up after his achievements with Charlton. If we can’t offer him some sort of role next year with the first team, he might be considering his options. Just a hunch.

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good to see more youngsters that came through our academy getting a chance in the new season

Pretty much only thing to be excited about atm…

Missed Joe Willock’s dynamism when he was subbed off at half-tome yesterday vs Madrid. Why Emery favoured Mkhitaryan as a centre-mid, only he knows.

No idea if the quote is real but…

EDIT: FAKE NEWS QUOTE :slight_smile:

It’s a fake quote

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