Jens Lehmann


I’m so glad you all took that as the joke it was. Sent it in my group WhatsApp and my (intelligent) mate was like, “I cant believe Lehmann said that”



If there hadn’t been a few of these type jokes doing the rounds in the last few months I’d have 100% believed that to have happened.


So you’d have actually believed that Wenger would say the word cunt in public/to the media? lol


I think it was the fact that Wenger would be happy with Lehman breaking another first team players nose and giving a forearm smash to another, that made the story a bit dubious.

Lehman’s mad, but not that mad.


It plays so well into the ‘Mad’ Jens persona that it is totally believable in that respect to be fair haha, but even with Wenger’s English, I’m sure he would articulate a situation like that with more decorum :wenger:

I miss Jens.


I don’t know… the parts about Lehman sounded totally plausible to me :wenger:

It was just the idea of Wenger describing the incident like that that made me dubious


Haha that was the only giveaway really :grin:


Not so much that but the incident itself. Like Shammy said the Wenger part is the giveaway not only for the bad language.


Don’t think the incident seems believable either but fair enough lol


I gotta get this book! :smile:

Legendary, too, is the story of a UEFA Cup match in Bremen before I joined the club. that was recounted to me time and time again. During the morning walk around Burger-Park [a public green space] the player were larking about with a physio called Winky. Ray Parlour gave the latter a push, causing him to collide with a cyclist who happened to be passing by.

She fell headlong off her bike into the pasture, did a roll or two, and finally ended up covered in leaves. Winky ran up to her at once, and trying to wipe the leaves off her, touched her breast. “Off, off, you bastard!” screamed the woman, who, luckily remained unharmed.

The whole team was laughing so hard that the pre-match meeting had to be postponed by 15 minutes.

While the game was still going, Winky was summoned by the loudspeakers, and shortly after, was taken away in handcuffs. The cyclist must have reported him to the police. Winky was able to clear the matter swiftly and was let out before the game was over - in which Ray Parlour, of all people, ended up scoring a hat-trick.

Later, Arsene Wenger would say, “Ray, from now on, I want you to push Winky into a female cyclist before every game”.



You could have warned us it was boring. :slight_smile:




Childishly hilarious :joy::joy::joy:


Genius :rofl:



That last sentence seems like a bit of a dig.


It does sound that way, no?

Doesn’t make sense when Freddie is in charge of the youth teams…


Sounds to me like the club didn’t think he was good enough, and that we’ve brought in Javi Garcia.


I agree.
He might have been a great GK and one of the Invincibles but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is a great coach.
The same might apply to Pires who seems to want a job here.