Jens Lehmann


YES! Welcome back mad Jens!


Can’t be anything but happy with this.


Brilliant… love Mad Jens… and if you listen to him in off-field interviews, he sounds like such a smart, level-headed guy (lest someone post an example of some insane rant he did, I disclaim that I have not researched this heavily)… I bet he would be a phenomenal coach and tapping into our German connections is very smart.


The true number 9. Welcome back!




Legend :joy:


An absolute legend, welcome home


I’m still angry that he was dropped for Almunia. I’m glad he’s over it and is coming back (again) though. :slight_smile:


Welcome back, Herr Lehmann. (lol) What a magic.


Hopefully he will be himself, nothing but harsh and turn these boys into men.


Guess this puts an end to the narrative that Wenger can’t deal with other personalities other than Yes men in the coaching staff. Or that he’s resistant to working with ex players


Or it’s the exception that proves the rule. :slight_smile:


With Bould and Pires (often at training) involved I think that the latter was BS anyway? He, maybe, just has problems with two particular players (Vieira and Henry). Or they with him.

How do we know Lehmann is not a yes men :wink:?


Plenty of ex players have been involved here though. More recently Henry and Adams, we know how that turned out


Jens is such a geezer!


Have you just disproved your own point? I’m confused :smile:


Gotta love mad Jens :joy:


No I’m saying their own external problems cause friction with Wenger. At certain times in the aftermath of their departure it appeared Wenger couldn’t deal with prominent personalities other than himself, which has ultimately been disproven.


Gotta love mad Jens absolute legend.


Never heard of im.

We have Cech; why would we buy another? Stupid wengarrrr