Jens Lehmann


This reminds me of the ‘Wenger isnt a motivator’ bollocks.



Interesting appointment. Fucking legend. Welcome back Mad Jens.


looking forward to seeing Jens sitting on the bench next season, mouriniho and his back room staff are gonna get battered if they try anything lol


Instead of bottles of water being battered on the floor when things go wrong the bottles will be thrown against heads.


Ahh I love relatively old clips like that haha. Such a good time to grow up supporting the club.

He was certainly crazy, but his knowledge and insight will be vital. Should bring a ‘winning mentality’ if it counts for anything


welcome back to Arsenal, such a legend of a keeper :slight_smile: love Lehmann


Jens :cry:


He’s certainly not shy about sharing the blame.


He has learned from the master of sharing the blame, or not taking any blame rather.


Safe to say Jens and Almunia had a fierce rivalry going on :sweat_smile:

When the match was over, I went up to him. “Listen, when something’s happening at my end, you’re not to yell at the back.” That was when all his rage broke out of him. “What do you want, bastardo?” he yelled. I shot back: “What are you saying? Why are you insulting me?” “Shut the f*** up, bastardo!” came the reply. “Ah, at least now you’re openly saying what you really think of me,” I said. “This is your true character – insulting colleagues!”

By now, the other players and the boss had noticed our argument and tried to calm us down, having to positively restrain Almunia so that he would not smack me. I, of course, would have welcomed him losing control, since that would have meant getting rid of a rival. Unfortunately, he cooled down again.

At the height of my duel with Almunia, I would wake up every morning thinking, I have to be good in training again today; I need to bump the other bloke somehow.


I wouldnt put much money on Jens being a coach at arsenal much longer


The only universe where Jens and Aluminium would be considered rivals is Wengerland.


More from Jens lol


Can’t believe we had Almunia as our keeper for so many years christ


I also like this bit:


Für Deutschland.


Lehmann went full Deutschland Ueber Alles. :smirk: