January Transfer window thread


What got us Mkhitaryan was stupidity. Wenger shouldn’t have been so stupid thinking keeping was Sanchez was the way to go. A player on the last year of his contract never worked out.


we are boundary top 4 and missed it because of 2 ties…

Anyway, we will see…


Even because Wenger is not here anymore so we need to be more ambitious.


Don’t expect quality signings, either unknown players or discards from top clubs is where it’s at for Arsenal.


This line is more than a bit tired, we’ve spent over £100 million on Lacazette and Aubameyang in the past year and a half or so. The “Arsenal only buy cheap unknown players” line got old literally years ago man, come on.


Old habbits die hard :wink:


Yeah that is true maybe I’m just a little bit frustrated due to the lack of a quality CB signing when we sure as hell needed one. I could see it from miles away that we’d concede 45+ league goals with our back 4 options, and it’s what will cost us top 4 ultimately and CL money so it’s a poor choice.



Oh fuck off Barca! Always on our back.


Rugani, Christensen and Bailly


Chelsea won’t sell Christensen I don’t think.

Bailly looks dodge as fuck and isn’t Rugani too expensive?


That article only suggests Christensen as a possible target for us if Chelsea sign Rugani ahead of us – which is likely given him and Sarri have worked together before.

Also, Christensen’s agent is his dad and he said that if Andreas doesn’t get more game time he’ll consider handing in a transfer request this coming winter. So even if Chelsea don’t want to sell him, something has to give as he doesn’t seem that happy there at the moment. Though they would probably refuse to sell to a rival.


Is that still a thing? They sold Matic a key player in their last title win to Utd


Would love Christensen, such a classy defender considering his age. Him and his father don’t play around when it comes to his career so he’s likely to be off soon as things stand.

Emery would need to bulk him up a little though.


I mean I would be absolutely over the moon at the prospect of signing Christensen.

I really just thought it was pie in the sky stuff but you and @Phoebica have me #believing


By the end of the next two transfer windows I’d hope that Mustafi, Chambers, Koscielny and Sokratis had been moved on.

Ideally I’d like us to sign a good quality young CB in the mould of say a Christensen and an experienced CB in the mould of Benatia (who is better than all of our current defenders and available). Then I’d expect Mav and Holding to fill in when necessary.


It’s hard to see Chelsea letting him come here.

But since Abramovich has one foot out the door he may no longer give a fuck.


cant see Sokratis being moved on we just bought him. I reckon Unai was somehow involved in the transfer also, or Sven got him on recommendation with Unais blessing so i reckon he will be around for a while.


Should go in for fry and de ligt their more relistisc targets then the 3 mentiond


Given that most big clubs in Europe are after De Ligt, and he has a £50m pricetag, I’m not sure how “realistic” he is for us. Reports say he is Barcelona bound.

And who’s Fry? The one from Middlesbrough?