January Transfer window thread


Rugani yes. Allegri doesn’t rate him.


It’s not going to happen in Jan, but basically we need 2 centre backs, a left back, a winger and a Ramsey replacement.


A midfielder hopefully


Yep the one from boro



ffs we love hard spelling signings don’t we?!

We have Greek boy, older Greek boy and Mkhitaryan haha


Mavropanos is actually reasonably easy to spell…


Not gonna lie, I saw the first 4 words and then saw Szcze and automatically thought we were back in for Szczesny :joy:


Oh god this reminds me of that gigantic polish DM we signed who I’ve never seen since.

I forget his name.


i think we need players ready for the 1st team, we are filling our ranks with kids that arent ready.



Isn’t he a CB these days? Doesn’t look like he’s making it here.


Yeah that’s the one lol.


Bielik has been ravaged with injuries to be fair. Lad is always on the table. He looked promising for a while though, I doubt he’ll get a look now we’ve made\seem to be making moves for more young CB’s.



We surely need a striker, unless we start rotating Auba and Laca.


We need to start playing Nketiah, rather than looking to buy.


i really hope arsenal dont do the ‘classy thing’ and extend because guaranteed after an injury like this he will be in and out of action and we dont need this shit again its a waste of the clubs resources for a player that doesnt really offer that much and ties up squad space and wages.


Welbeck will know himself that he can probably go earn a better wage for a smaller team and be their main striker. He’s 28 in a week’s time. The guy surely has better aspirations than the odd appearance for us now we have two highly established strikers.

Hoping we are pretty cut throat with our future contracts now, Danny is unfortunately a good starting point.

Edit: Also, does anyone know much about Nicolas Pepe?


We should release him long time ago, and has nothing to do of his injury.


We haven’t signed a Dortmund player in a while.