January Transfer window thread


How has he been? Looked decent at the world cup, and being benched by Kovacic is no crime.

But not the most glowing of reviews since the links surfaced.


I’d take that swap.


@Calum @Bl1nk




Hey, Arsenal, verpiss dich. :unai:


Stop using him as source lol. He is a fraud.


What a revelation. We’re tracking one of the most famous young players in Europe. This guy must have some serious insider knowledge.

Tracking him like everybody else except we are 10th in the queue :arteta:


Speak in english :hipster:


According to Calciomercato we’re interested in signing Ajax left-back Tagliafico, in January.

Very solid player, wouldn’t be against this.


Been good for Ajax and Argentina, right?


He’s Magliafico, that’s what he is.


Can we get the year changed to 2019? @Mysty @Bl1nk

Sven starting his January madness again :heart_eyes:


Will do


Either commit to Nketiah in 2019 or loan a journeyman. What’s Adebayor saying these days? :crazy_face:


Time for Nketiah to step up


Hmmm, I know Bl1nkster already made the change, but I have a better solution. No need for the year now :slight_smile:


Swap deal Schick-Ramsey.


Schick is awesome. Absolute leathal.




Hasn’t been that good for Roma, Dzeko there isn’t helping though too. Don’t know how many minutes he’ll get here with Auba and Laca. I would prefer Nketiah to get some minutes and we get a proper winger on loan.


Yeah, don’t want him. Overrated.