January Transfer window thread


Yes. Before I thought he wouldn’t cut it at the top. But now I think he’s ready.


Ziyech is actually a very good player and would be a welcome addition.


So he’s had enough of champions league football, and wants some Europa league instead, right?


Being Morrocan just a bonus? :henry2:


Moroccan** :tired_face::tired_face:

But surprisingly it is haha. He’s actually a really good player and the fact he’s Moroccan obviously just makes him the perfect transfer for me lol


Prior to his Ajax move, he seemed very Chadli or Siggurdsson esque player. Quality but hard to accomodate in a team kinda player.
But If I am not wrong, Ajax played him in midfield (more B2B, less AM).
Let see how it panned out.


Wow, he’s 25 years old already. I thought he was really young (I lazily assumed as Ajax seem to be slammed with young talent as always).


He’s vital to Ajax. They’re gonna ask a lot of money for him. Would call him a poor man’s Di Maria at this stage though. Much slower than Angel but this guy does like to explore his chances with the keeper more. Could see him bagging around 20 goals this season. Could leverage them with his age to get him for something in the range 30-40 million.


I would definitely buy a kit with this guy’s name on it, if we get him.



Sven preparing his January madness again :heart_eyes: I’m ready


@Bl1nk, City want De Jong for 80 mil :cech:


If they get him I am so jealous. He is going to be the next Johan Cruyff. Believe me, amazing amazing talent.


Who de jong?

Was there not a de jong in city before?


I think you mean this De Jong:

This is about the “jong” De Jong (Frenkie).


If Donald Trump took an interest in “soccer”




Another swap deal? :laughing:


I’d love to see RLC here with Ramsey going the other way.

Classy player.


Not sure about it. Loftus-Cheek is still a lot to show, but maybe now with a competent manager he could step up.