January Transfer window thread


Personally, saying he is one of our better performing players doesn’t mean much. Partly because imo it’s basically just decent to good performances over a fairly short period, and because it doesn’t take much to stand out among the general dross that has been our side.

I think the club also has been trying to tie him down but on terms that are favourable to us. I dont think we should just be offering him whatever he wants. In Ramsey and Wilshere we have two players with hugely questionable fitness records who blow hot and cold in terms of performances.

We shouldn’t just quickly offer either of them the wages they are probably demanding because they can’t be relied upon.


I think of all the midfield players we have had in recent seasons, that have been here for a while, like Wilshere, Walcott, Chamberlain and Ramsey, Wilshere is the only one who has that winning mentality that we have lacked.
His obvious problem is his injury record and if he can go this season, like he did last season at Bournemouth, without a long term injury and keep his decent form up, he could be a good first team player.

There has clearly been a shift at the club on transfers and contracts, which is a good thing, and I understand why the club are reluctant to sign him on a massive deal because of the vast amount of wages wasted on so many players that don’t deserve it, but he is the type of player that could be worth it.

Saying that, I’m not sure any other top club is going to offer him any more, so maybe we are doing the right thing.


Yeah, for sure :hipster:


I guess he’s tired of playing with Kroos and winning the CL right?

Do these mugs even try anymore?


Maybe he genuinely is,maybe he needs a change of scenery :henry2:


Tbf I wouldn’t be surprised if kovacic has supplanted him.

Kids a boss and looks ready


Always liked him… how old is he now?


Kovacic is nice with it but come on man Modric is top 2 CM in the game.


32 years old. Even at this age, he would be fucking immense for us. The source is crap though.


Kovacic is still only 23!

Great dribbler with insane acceleration, he’s break the bank good.


No doubt he’s a big time talent, on his way to the top most likely.

I remember him being heavily linked to Liverpool, I look at him and us signing the likes of Xhaka and it makes me sad man

Hopefully Sven has something lined up because our midfield is awful.


For real, here’s hoping that we go all out for Torreira and Ndombele in the summer.


Trust me Kovacic is lighting things up


32 going on 33 now? Nah, that is a hard pass at this point. We need to find the next Modric, Kovacic, Assensio, Ndombele (or him), etc…

I CAN see us signing one veteran but can’t see it being a 30+ year old.


You used to rate Xhaka…


Year upgrade? @Bl1nk



Yeah he’s welcome

Hakim Ziyech is one the most exciting stars in world football at present, and recent comments by the Moroccan’s agent means Arsenal fans may have reason to get excited.

WHERE? Quotes nowhere to be found


i know youtube can make anyone look good, but this guy looks a talent


@Bl1nk, he is one of Ajax top talents, isn’t he?