January Transfer window thread


They’re playing with fire man, Eriksen had to get Poch involved to get around £80K a week and in my opinion he’s their second most important player.

Soon their key players will be asking for more and when that happens unless they start playing ball they’re gonna jump ship because they aren’t winning the biggest honours anytime soon.


Yeah agreed, I was thinking this summer there might be some movement in their squad. Depends though, if they win the FA cup they might be able to hold off another year or so. If you are Kane and you are banging in goals, and Sanchez is over here being shit for 500k per week, how long do you keep giving the scum the hometown discount?


I wonder how hamstrung they are financially. To me it would make sense to not spend much on signings but keep all those players happy on £100-200k contracts. If they had it set up so that is was possible that 2 or 3 of them could go in one window then their project is basically over and spending 30m on Sissoko and 40m on Sanchez is hardly going to be what stops that.


An ITK over on /r/soccer said that basically all that talk about £80k salaries etc. is just the base pay and that all of the spurs players are heavily, heavily incentivised to the point where they’re making more like £150-200k per week which is why they’ve held on to players like Eriksen and Kane for so long without noticeable increases.

The incentives are apparently quite easily achieved as well, not all “Must win CL” “Must win Prem” type stuff but more achievable ones.


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Less than 100 mil for quality players :giroud2:. Sven :giroud3:


Would make sense but wouldn’t this be evident in the wage bill figures that are released?


je ne sais pas


This. I don’t buy. Just a summary of the winter rumours with Alderweireld.




why would he be replacing wilshere?


Is he good now then? Asked this last week aswell


Back to us?


have no idea i havent been watching him, but why wilshere i dont know why wilshere would be going anywhere unless of course he doesnt want to sign his new contract.


Wilshere is one of our better players and has managed to start stringing some games together without getting injured and he has become an important part of the first team.
why wait until this happens and think about selling him.

Oh, I’ve just realised, this is Arsenal.
We could get 30m for Wilshere and buy a replacement for 7m.
Making a profit.
It’s the Arsenal way.


Even the most devout football hipster doesn’t actually bother to watch Turkish football. I’m guessing that’s why nobody has the answer :mustafi:


Wilshere’s contract expires this summer, so no, we couldn’t get £30m for him.


Not even @Luca_from_Italy ?!


No, i don’t watch kebab league.


That’s fair enough, I forgot that.
Although i don’t understand why the club has let one of our better performing players this season, let his contract run down.