January Transfer window thread


Supposedly Madrid want to spend big this summer. Like Harry Kane and Hazard big. Also been reading that Madrid are willing to part ways with Kroos. How exceptional would that be to buy Kroos with that Lemar money and help fund the Kane purchase??? :grin:


We did it before when we bought Ozil and helped Real Madrid get Bale.
We should sell Xhaka, buy Kroos, then get Malcom.
Real Madrid get Kane and Pochettino.
Everyone’s a winner.

Except spurs, of course :grinning:


Jogi Low putting the boys back together!

No idea why they’d want to sell Kroos. Can see him going United if he leaves tbh.

I remember people using Kroos as a way to put Ozil down, if he joins us I wonder what they’d say…


Madrid wanting to part ways with Kroos is nonsensical, he’s the best if not joint best CM in world football.

He also recently signed a new contract that put him right behind Bale and Ronaldo in terms of wages which demonstrates how much Real value him, why sell him when Modric is ageing? So yeah I call bullshit.


But at the same time they arent nicknamed Real MAD for nothing either!



Remember when Liverpool signed him on loan and played him as a striker :joy::joy:


Ignore the click bait headline. As he improved since we let him leave a few years ago?



Here it is, summer 2018 madness update. Alderwield has a £25m release clause active summer 2018 supposedly :eyes::eyes::eyes:





well then

hope the MF is one of those that wants to stay in London :henry2:


If Alderweireld does have such a release clause I bet it’s one of those shitty “can go to a CL club if we’re not in the CL” ones. Oh and “not Arsenal” too if Spurs have any sense.


wow wow wow wow


Yeh I’d be very surprised if we pulled that one off.


But still, imagine the satisfaction of £25,000,001 :giroud2:


It activates in summer of 2019 .


Yeah I’ve seen reprts of both. Also seen that they are trying to negotiate a new contract with him because they know that would be highway robbery to lose him for 25m. However supposedly Alderwield wants big wages, and doesn’t wanna leave London. :grin::grin::grin: of course could be agent hard ball, but would love to capitalize on that regardless.


He doesn’t seem on the best of terms with them right now, left out of the derby and isn’t in the squad to face Juve.

Pretty good set of targets there.


That’s the rumor right now, holding them ransom so he’s out of the squad.


That’s a very promising set of targets and exactly the kind of targets both in terms of quality and quantity that we should be aiming for.


Wenger gone would be the best summer ever.

I don’t care for transfers atm just get him out ffs