January Transfer window thread


I’m all about dat Schmeichel talk!!!

Feel like we were linked with him a season or two ago


Dunno how good Timo Horn is, but really hope Sven has got some more interesting names up his sleeve than Schmeichel and Oblak (great keeper obviously, but not realistic/no need to be spending ridiculous amounts on a keeper that isn’t named David de Gea).

I would go with something like Horn and LaFont, a bit like Barça did a few years ago easing Ter Stegen into the role with a keeper who could do a job like Bravo. Even Martínez I don’t think would be too bad of a short-term first option–think he’s better than Cech and Ospina right now tbh–but we’ve bundled his development with stupid loans and by for some reason deciding to loan him this season instead of make him #2 and drop Ospina’s salary.


What’s that based on? I feel like I haven’t seen enough of him to make any judgement. Have I just missed the games he’s played in?


I will feel the Sven magic when he pulls out some Dembele level talent, so far all the names are quite common knowledge.

Unless Mavropanos becomes next Puyol or something.


Based on Cech and Ospina being shit and Martínez being decent to good. Maybe just me falling into a Sanogo/SSS fallacy vs. very shit/easy to beat option but tbf this logic is right more often than it’s wrong, the Sanogo cases are the exceptions.


I’m asking you why you think Martinez is good. What have you seen in his 13 appearances in 6 years? It’s a legitimate question not me disagreeing. I have no impression of him at all


Calling Martinez good is an overstatement. He’s clearly in the Ospina bag of keepers, good shot-stopper that is always liable to fuck up.


Seems decent from the few games he’s played for first team and rated by coaches at youth levels.




Yeah he’s barely in the decent level, Dortmund game aside he never showed anything of worth.


Sounds like a very flimsy basis for your argument imo


Yeah no doubt, never made it out to be a strong one. What is strong is my assertion that Cech and Ospina (mi ospina clavada!! :joy::joy::vampire:t6:‍♂️:tipping_hand_woman:t2:‍♀️:crazy_face::flushed::grimacing::cowboy_hat_face::innocent::worried::nerd_face::nerd_face::face_with_monocle::kissing_heart::yum::rofl::exploding_head::face_with_head_bandage::japanese_ogre::clown_face::ghost::poop::joy_cat::smiley_cat::robot::fist:t5::love_you_gesture:t5:) are shit. Kinda like it was strong with Giroud, just Sanogo was improbably shit. But once again I bet with the odds, that Martínez is not so improbably shit.


Some ORNSTEINNNNNNNN chat from the arsecast:







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Really hope we don’t give Elneny a new contract, means it will be less likely we sign a proper CDM in the summer.


Elneny is a professional squad player. Would rather give him a new contract and sell Xhaka, even for a decent loss.


Why? We need a new midfielder, but Momo is good as squad player.


Because Wenger is all about numbers, unless one of our central mids go don’t expect any signings.


Wenger? Maybe the next manager wants to keep him as squad player :henry2:


Doesn’t matter what wenger is about, big sven is running shit now.


Not according to Ornstein.