January Transfer window thread


No. That’s not true. They can increase it as much as they want as long as any increase over a certain amount is backed up by increases in non tv revenue.


But we’re not increasing them.
If anything, with the high paid players we’ve sold in the last two windows, we have saved about 700k a week on wages, and only bought two players and gave Ozil what he was worth.


‘compared to income’. And any non TV revenue isn’t up for renewel until when 2019?


I’ve already showed you that we’re already spending more on wages now than we were those players left because of the big new contracts. That will level off with Cazorla/Mertesacker leaving and we should have enough wage room for about 2 players imo but I’m speculating.


I’ve no idea what you mean by compared to income and it’s not relevant when the tv deal is up for renewal. You’re talking about the rules but you actually don’t understand them it seems.


But the tv deals are excluded from the calc, no?


If you mean two more players, I agree.


Not excluded as such no…just if the increase is more than 7m you have to show where the balance has come from. Easily done when you have transfer windows where you make a profit for example…



Madness era beginning lads


TV Deal isn’t up due to re-new until 19/20 and salaries can’t rise by more than 7m per anum

The rules say that a club’s wage bill should not be more than £7m more than it was in 2016-17, or £19m more than from the 2012-13 season. If it does increase beyond that limit, the money can only come from external sources such as player sales, ticketing or commercial money, rather than Premier League central funds


And? We’re signing new commercial deals all the time and making profits in transfers window after window. What’s the issue? There isn’t one.


The magic money tree? The only commercial deals of note are sponsorship, which is fixed for another 18months. Getting CL qualification becomes important then. There’s also player sales.



Koln are getting relegated and Timo Horn has a release clause of 5m if that happens. That one seems most likely to me.


Even better than Horn. He’s capable of pulling some incredible saves. Best goalie in the world atm, imo.


We should bring over Simeone and Oblak as a package deal.


JAYSUS, if we get him…ohhhhhhhhhh :giroud3:


Madness never ends :giroud2:


Ooh. Acid test of the mole’s credentials


Beginning?! So what was January then? pre-madness? Like pre-drinks?



This is further confirmation of the madness whereas before the madness came as a surprise.