January Transfer window thread


Because they see Alexis leaving as the proverbial trump card. No matter what happened after that, it was a bad window.

Which is demonstrably ridiculous.


We completed a huge chunk of work in January that I feared would have affected our transfer business in summer.

Only 3 players to move on in summer as opposed to 8.

Plus we got two high quality players despite question marks about them.
With Ozil signing, That’s 3 players we don’t need to worry about securing in summer.

We made our life easier for sure.


He sounds like a fucking idiot.


Anyone thinking that this transfer window was somehow part of Wenger’s plan, this is probably nearer the truth:

"Considering Wenger has led calls for the January transfer window to be scrapped ever since its introduction, even as recently as September, it is quite the change of heart. Either that, or these are the first signs of the club removing at least a semblance of his power. The eventual divorce will still be messy."

I think we could have made a bit more of an effort to sign a CB, especially as we sold enough players to pay for a top quality defender but if the club continue this sort of transfer activity in the next window I’m sure some of the other positions will be sorted out.

It’s a unique window in that the supporters have actually had a transfer window that has been exciting, and Kroenke and Wenger are also happy because we made a profit.


The whole thing about scrapping the Jan window is silly.

Arsene Wenger is by no means the only manager to say the winter window is a bad idea, but he’s certainly the only manager to get mocked for it.


Ironically, the window he despises could keep him in is job.


What is so hard about the concept that ‘I would use a certain approach but I don’t need to agree with that approach’?

Wenger & many don’t like January transfer window but that doesn’t mean we should just close our eyes & sit back when the window opens.


Wenger’s always used the January window when he’s needed to and we’ve never faced the prospect of losing our 2 best players on frees before. He also said all along that both Alexis and Ozil may well be sold in January.

With regards to shipping players out we had to. In order to give Aubameyang 220k and Mkhitaryan 180k you need to shift 400k in wages. Alexis+Walcott+Giroud+Coquelin = 400k in wages.


He uses it because it exists, but wishes it didn’t. Just like a lot of managers.


Are you saying we are so poor as a club that we can’t afford to pay the wages of a top quality player unless we ship out high paid players to do it?

If that’s true, what are we going to do in the next window when we want to buy some more world class players?


Because a club can’t increase it’s wages bill significantly compared to income under fair play rules. IE we’d be penalised. Ozil and Wilshere are also being offered new deals, which is increasing our wage bill alone. Lacazette has taken about 200k a week too. So currently we have 4 players taking up about 50m per year.

We won’t be able to add any new players over 120k imo. Mertesackers wage will be free’d up next window so we can sign a defender but I think we’ll need to sell more to buy in other positions to free up wages.


Do you think we can afford to pay 350k wages to multiple players?


“But this has still been a positive window. Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are excellent players, while Mesut Ozil’s impending new contract is a boost. Gaps remain in the squad, but this was as good a window as Arsenal could expect with Arsene Wenger still in charge.”

The fact is that Wenger is still in charge, but he didn’t buy and sell the players. It was Sven along with Ivan. Wenger would have never acted in this way in january.


Going off of internet figures on salaries (derp) we’re about even ish on salaries after the summer+winter dealings. Theo, Ox, Giroud, Coq, Chestnut, Gabriel, Gibbs, Sanchez, Debuchy and Sanogo out and Auba, Laca, (Özil), Micky, Sead and Mavro in. And we made a £2m profit so far. We’re the best! (there should certainly be money available next window!)


By reports, Ozil (350k), Laca (200k), Kola (140k), Auba (200k), are earning about 1.1 million
Cazorla, Mertesacker, Theo, Ox, Giroud, Coq, Chestnut, Gabriel, Gibbs, Sanchez, Debuchy and Sanogo were earning about 770k plus the 140 Ozil was earning so about 1m-1.1m

We don’t have that much in wages to play with


I didn’t say that.
I said we don’t have to sell loads of players just to pay a world class player what he is worth.

Are you seriously telling me that in order to pay Ozil’s wages, we had to sell Walcott, Giroud and Coquelin, as well as losing Sanchez.

We have already saved millions off the wage bill from the previous window after selling Chamberlain, Gibbs and Gabriel.

We are one of the biggest profit making clubs in Europe.
We should be acting like it.


We make measly 50m profit.


In the window when we only bought Cech we had a net spend of around nothing.
In the window when we bought Lacazette we did the same.
Then in the window just gone we had a net spent of very little.
We can afford to do a lot more than we have been doing.


So Wenger wasn’t in charge of transfers when we bid for Aubameyang 2 1/2 seasons ago or when we bid for Mkhitaryan 18 months ago? They’re both long term Wenger targets

If anything it shows Dick Law and Gazidis were fecking up deals for years


Again a club can’t increase it’s wages bill significantly compared to income under fair play rules.