January Transfer window thread


Just testing something…



The Express published a story about half hour ago saying we were making a late bid for Manolas. But most likely crap and it’s surely too late now.


Submit a late bid… will got accepted but won’t get the player till summer…


I heard that Roma want to sell but they wanted the 30m all up front. Guess they were hurting for money. I think that’s an issue cause we want to pay in installments.


They were wheeling and dealing this summer after Monchi joined up. Very strange situation.




I’ve never got why they stand inside the empty stadium. Like what is actually the point. Auba’s at Colney eating crumpets and having interviews and they’ve got some woman just stood in the Emirates in the dark talking about it.

I guess they want to avoid the public after dildogate.


Still causes me to have tears from laughing so hard…



There’s still time to bring Kim Kallstrom back to Arsenal.


:laca: hmm :thinking:

Could we now be seeing the end of the banter era…

…and the beginning of the MADNESS era? :giroud3:


#wengerout? :giroud:


“I’ll put out tomorrow”

Wants followers and bullshit like that ----> full of shite


Let us enjoy our madness FFS! Or do you prefer banter, you Tio Pepe boy?


Fuck off with the realism. We don’t want that here. :wink:


I mean if you’re on twitter you know this guy has got connections.

Don’t really know why I’m defending him because you probably won’t believe it and we will have this same discussion in 6 motnsh time, but this guy has literally been hanging on about Ozil resigning for ages.

You can check me and others posting his tweets here for the past few months.

You and I probably thought he was gone, but lost and behold this guy was proven right.

Sure this guy isn’t perfect but the record has shown he is more on the right lines than say, John Cross/goal.com etc and whatever so what he says is worth at least a thought.


Mad day…will live long in the memory.

This summer we need to sort the defence out…Sven…get on it!!!




Good piece here on the window


It’s quite funny. Most people will agree we had a positive transfer window. But I was listening to the Football Ramble app this morning and Luke Moore said we had an “abysmal” transfer window.

He said he didn’t trust Aubameyang, we don’t need him and he won’t improve us. Then he said we should have kept Sanchez until the end of the season rather than sell him to a rival. Absolute nonsense – he was going to go to a rival in a few months anyway. You’d be hard pressed to find an Arsenal fan who would take 4 more months of a disruptive player like Sanchez and then get nothing rather than get a player like Mkhitaryan now who’ll we will have for 3 years. Plus we tied down Özil.

Yeah sure we should have bought a defender. But to say our window was “abysmal” is ridiculous.


It seems a lot of non-Arsenal fans/people share this sentiment. But we tied our attacking core down to 2021 giving us room to work on our future thoughtfully and with patience. The biggest positive we could possible get from this transfer period. I honestly don’t get how people don’t understand that.