January Transfer window thread




Ayew being served?




I’m getting bored…it’s been ages since we last signed a player!


€30m is still a bargain from what I’ve seen.


Going to bed. It’s been an amazing day. Hoping for another signing when I wake up tomorrow :smile:


How can you sleep at a time like this!


Because there is fuck all going on. Not even a hint of movement.

Jim White must be furious that all the exciting business got done this morning.


A time like what? Everything is done. The best part was this afternoon on OA never used the like button so much in my life


Haha :grinning:

Won’t forget this window in a hurry. It’s been fantastic.


This is possibly the worst announcement video I have ever seen



Hahaha what that’s great!!!

Tottenham takes the cake for the absolute worst one.


So the dirt on Luiz was that his wage demands were stupid so we passed.

Supposedly we are still working on Evans but WBA upped the price significantly today apparently.




Can’t honestly say I’m disappointed to miss out on either of those.


Dont know why but howled at that video.


Let’s give Mustafi another few outings and I’ll get back to you :grimacing:


Or Holding. Or Chambers. Or stick nacho in there.

No need to get back to me.


Damn only 15 minutes left, looks like the madness is over :cry::cry::cry: can’t wait until summer now!! Sven is a fucking G!!


Sven is already buying the players for the summer. Expect 3/4 signings already in june :kos2: