Jamie Vardy


He was that third finish the best of them but City were abysmal. Kolarov Stones Sagna back three?!

They were the first team to let Leicester play like they did last season with the super strong counter attack and they go three nill up in about 20 minutes.

I want to see them against good defences who don’t play ridiculous formations with players in the wrong position throughout the team before I say Vardy and Mahrez are back


In 2013 Leicester striker Jamie Vardy had to be talked out of quitting football in favour of becoming a party rep in Ibiza, according to manager Craig Shakespeare.

:arteta: Amazing.

“Where you off to tonight lads? Free shots if you come with me”


26 year old rep? What a loser.


Can imagine that scene in his film. Very tense scene indeed… They may need to get Al Pacino in to play the part of his manager…


How many goals has he scored recently? Because his goal tally is 10 this season. Considering he hasn’t scored for months, it is quite a good record.


Champions League quarter final coming up for him. What a mug he was not signing for us.


Hindsight is wonderful but yes it definitely turned out to be the right decision.


Still better than Leicester though…

Why does he keep talking about our bid for him lol


Yeah, who gives a fuck about him.


Probably cos people keep asking him tbh.


On us winning the FA Cup, he said: “Yeah but it weren’t the Premier League was it?!”



How’s the Hollywood rags-to-riches movie coming along Jamie?

I’m sure it’ll get made eventually :speak_no_evil:


I’m glad we never signed him now even though I was for it at the time. He’s a Scum type through and through.


He’s not wrong though.


Who cares what this rat-faced chav has to say.