Jamie Vardy


Yeah we just lack a world class top quality option for that spot, all players mentioned are good honest footballers without being great.


Having 5 of them all vying for that spot could mean we get the best out of whoever get the nod and if they don’t produce we have 4 more players ready to take the chance


He needs few strides first to get his pace going. On a shorter distance he is definitely sluggish.


Image if Leicester got relegated and he stayed, as no one would buy him, especially after his huge renewal. It would be one of biggest fall from grace of all time.


Rat-face Vardy is presumably now sat on monster wages at Leicester.

Lucas Perez is probably one of the lower earners in our 1st team squad. Considering the relative impact that I think both of them will have over THIS season (Perez moderate to good, Vardy low) I’ll take Perez all day.


What was I saying about Jamie Vardy ? lol.


no idea but will go out on limb and guess you were complaining about something? :giroud:


This is why I said yesterday he still would’ve been a good signing for us


Vardy doesn’t play for arsenal my guess would be he was bigging him up!


I’m going to make it easy for u


Back with a bang.



Tonights performance by Leciester is as unbelivable as their visit and win at the Etihad last season.


Surely by now we all know the Foxes are capable of greatness.


Good win for them as it gives them some breathing space above the drop zone also some confidence for Vardy.


Relegation talk was really premature. They’re 5 points away from 6th now. A team capable of 81 points doesn’t suddenly turn into a team capable of only 38 points without Kante. It felt wrong watching them be so shit, so I hope they can go on a run and finish somewhere respectable like in the top 8.


Ouch fuck this league is so bad outside of the Top 5 or 6, win a few games straight and it lands you in 6th Position :joy:


Well I’m glad he picked the right game to rediscover his goal scoring form :wilshere: That was like the Vardy of last season.


So bad or so good?


Vardy was class