Jamie Vardy


He definitely fucked up his career by staying. Hopefully Mahrez doesn’t make the same mistake and moves on to a team where he’ll actually get some service.


Mahrez will leave and further his career at a good club.


Can see Mahrez leaving England for Spain


Mahrez won’t be going anywhere. Leicester is his level.


The title winning Leicester sure was.


They better get that film made of his life that no-one will watch outside Leicester, before ‘Hollywood’ loses interest completely in this rat-faced little chav.


I Don’t think we can gloat when we ended up with the “Spanish Vardy” for similar money and with half the pace. Looking at us now, he’d have probably done reasonably well in this team. He can make runs and work which is what we needed. He might have come unstuck with the fancy stuff but he’s definitely better than Chamberlain and probably better than Walcott (though obviously not based on recent form).

Staying at Leicester was probably him settling at his peak and maybe it’s hard to be your best after that. He seems the type that would have tried to prove himself had he been at a new club, but you never know, maybe he didn’t think he could do it for us so didn’t risk it so it might have worked out for the best.

But at the very least, i don’t think we’d have been crying at spending 20m and 100k a week to sign him. Its all about taste but personally I’d have still preferred to have him over Perez given the choice based on what I’ve seen of both.


perez is a much better footballer than vardy


We’ve seen literally nothing to prove this. Actually most of what we’ve seen disputes it. He’s been very sloppy in possession.


he has struggled to get on the same wavelength of the rest of the team a few times but he looks pretty good technically and definitely a quality finisher

5 goals and 3 assists from 5 starts and 3 sub aperances is good enough for me


No one is disputing he looks a tidy finisher/poacher but he’s certainly not the well rounded ball playing winger we’ve been crying out for.

He’ll be really useful as we need a poacher but he’s similar to Vardy in nearly every way as a footballer.


I’d bet good money he will prove to be better than Vardy in in pretty much every aspect


Well I’ll be ecstatic if he ever has a season like Vardy just did.


True, a fast player like him would’ve suited us as a backup


Vardy hasn’t turned into a bad played overnight after he and Leicester have dropped form. His form has to improve over the second half of the season.

And I still think he would of been a very good signing for us.


I did mean this season and in the future as obviously vardy had an amazing season least year


People forget how well he played from the season before after christmas.
They eere odds on going down and his goals as much as anything kept them up.


Oh right. Well yeah, if he doesn’t turn out to be better than Vardy currently is this season then he’d be a disaster of a signing.


One thing that really impressed me with Perez that is similar to Vardy was the pace he managed to get onto his third goal with.

Sometimes he doesn’t look that fast then other times he’s blistering. Really want to see what he can do in the EPL in place of Iwobi or Ox. I mean we’re not losing that much by giving him a shot at the expense of those two.


wouldn’t say were not loosing much more that we have good options for the ox/iwobi/perez/ramsey/welbeck spot