Jamie Vardy


So it seems Vardy truly is a one season wonder what a shock.


Good God am I glad we didn’t sign this fraud.


Tell me about it. We defo escaped one there.

Would love to know what he’s thinking though, he surely must regret turning us down.


No idea but I remember that statistic popping up a few weeks ago, how Mahrez had made one successful pass to Vardy in like 2 months or something, and 9 passes in total (to him) all season in the PL. Not sure if one of them shagged the other’s missus but I’m guessing that last season they just rolled on insane momentum and passion and he set that one season full throttle personal goal to see where it got him, he went all the way and after that he quit mentally.

Also every other team (bar us) failed to take them seriously, this season I’m sure every single manager have done their video analysis job properly. Just guesses ofc.


Good thing Wenger didn’t get his way, here. It was another case of him overrating the PL/English talent.


To be fair, I think everyone over-rated him last season!


Not really, there were loads of us who were not happy when we heard we were triggering his release clause.


He’d obviously be doing better for us than he is with Leicester atm. The only thing that would concern me is that we might have played him upfront over Alexis which would have been a mistake. Out on the wing he’d be as useful as Theo/Ox/Perez tbh.


Some Arsenal fans did want him though, and I don’t just mean Arsenal fans, I mean football fans/managers in general and the media etc. It wasn’t just Wenger who thought he was a good buy.


Oh no doubt. And there’s no doubt he had a really, really good season. Even when you broke it down into advanced statistics it was really impressive as I recall.

But that doesn’t change what I said about it revealing poor judgment again on Arsène’s part, and his overrating of the PL (it’s a necessary delusion at this point, if he’s to rate himself, he has to overrate the PL) and British talent.

Lots of Arsenal fans wanted Felipe Melo, Marouane Fellaini, Schneiderlin, etc. etc. Wenger thankfully was on the right side of those arguments but on this one not so, and it seems indicative of a problem with him in recent years which is that he’s really somewhat English in his outlook on football.


Has that to do with a British bias though? Arsenal has bought a lot of mediocre players outside of the Premier League too in the past 6-7 years. Chamakh, Podolski, Gervinho, Mertesacker, Giroud, Perez. Vardy wouldn’t have been less of a gamble than Perez has been imo.


Atleast we don’t have to see his idiotic face every week.


If Vardy joined us he’d be playing at CF and Sanchez wouldn’t and we would probably be sitting 5th right now.


I actually think he’d be doing well if we signed him but not bothered he didn’t sign with Alexis and Perez.


I agree actually. I saw a stat that said he hadn’t had a shot on target in about 700 minutes, not sure how accurate that is. But I still think he would do a job, even if only for his tenacity and ability to chase a ball, opportunities would be plentiful at Arsenal.


Just another overrated English player, thank fuck he didn’t accept our offer.


He really wasnt overrated. His price was 20m amd only one club was in for him. He had a phenomenal season but for whatever reason cant repeat it or even come close.


Because it was a cinderella season, now Vardy and Leicester have gone back to their normal level.


The way we’re playing this season he would have probably done a job for us. He would have certainly not been the most exciting solution but for the price asked I’d imagine it would have worked out well enough.


He really wasnt overrated because most people thought this is exactly what would happen to them/him.