Jamie Vardy

Good or bad thing ?

I don’t think he will come anyway. I reckon the pressure for him to stay at Leicester will be too much.

Not sure, he wasn’t the striker I imagined we signed at all. If this doesn’t go through we’ll sign someone else, I’m sure we have a shortlist. Aubemeyang hopefully haha.

Im over Vardy and ready for the next rumour!!


That aint happening, we have Coq and Xhaka

Just something I read and it’s definitely a reach but did Vardy actually sign a new contract?

So he & his reps agreed, but the Euros are finished and nothing has been announced…Like I said, it’s a reach and I’m not particularly interested in Vardy but with Kante gone and Mahrez soon to follow, it’d be funny if this was similar to Delph last summer promising his future to Villa, but not renewing and still leaving.

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He’s dead to me.


He can play wide, I’d have him anyway, we let go three midfielders (Arteta, Rosicky & Flamini), but of course it depends on how much they want for him, and whether or not it’ll affect our priority signings (if there’s any).

Please no he’s not the answer for our style and we’ve wasted enough time on this country bumpkin.

I never did want him and I’m genuinely delighted that we didn’t sign him. We don’t play a style of football that caters to his abilities and you saw in the Euros how he struggled against teams where the defence sat deep. He benefited from a poor Ashley Williams back header and that aside he had next to no influence on games.

If Walcott had played at Leicester last season I’m convinced he would have had a season not to dissimilar in numbers to Vardy’s

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Think we dodged a bullet not getting him, he wouldn’t suit and as the Euro’s showed, he isn’t anything better than we already have…plus bet he is starting to second think his ideas after Kante fecked off and Mahrez looks like moving

Coral ‏@Coral
Jamie Vardy has revealed that his recovery from a dead leg in 2012 took longer than it should have done due to his love for Skittles vodka.

Anyone tried Skittles Vodka then?!

What sort of fucking savage would waste good vodka like that.

Yea I downed a naggin at my 21st (held in my mates gaff) puked and went to bed before half ten. Everyone else says it was one of the best parties they were ever at. :joy:


I would lol if i knew what a naggin and gaff was.

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Had it in my student days once. It certainly improved low grade shit vodka

do you just pour some skittles into a glass of vodka then? lol what does it taste like?

edit: my 1000th post on here was asking what Skittles Vodka taste like. amazing




Big bag of skittles, pour them into the bottle of vodka, give it a good shake, put it in the fridge/freezer (can’t remember), shake it every 3/4 hours or whatever, should be done in something like 24 hours.

Seem to remember that’s how we did it.

It was very sweet, kind of fruity in the way skittles are, didn’t taste that much like vodka any more. Spirits for kids/teenagers who don’t like the taste of spirits basically lol

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TBH I don’t think he’d have flopped per se. Looking at the new system Wenger is trying to employ this season, he wouldn’t have been out of place and Alexis could have stuck to the wing. That’s the reason we were chasing a player of a certain profile all summer long and we basically bought a clone in Lucas. Only time will tell if we are able to properly play the system and if it works in the league