James Rodriguez


I can’t see Emery really liking him, but yeah I would love to see him at Arsenal personally.


Rumours are going around that we have bid of £36 M accepted for James.


£63m more likely but it’s still a shit rumour


No way we’d sign him before offloading Ozil


We only get James for that much on one leg.


They mean Jay Rodriguez.


A small, tiny tiny bit of good news to brighten up a shit couple of days. Although why the fuck he wants to come here I’ll never know.


I guess if it does truly hinge on Ozil leaving the club this window then it isn’t happening lol


Too bad we probably don’t have that kind of budget.


Guess playing time.


I don’t usually buy into conspiracy theories but this smells like the club leaking stuff to the press to take the pressure off.

Links to a big name player? Check.
Fills a need in the squad? Check.
Casts Ozil as the villain? Check.


But what do they really have to gain by doing that? If its bullshit it’ll be proven as such in just two weeks time, and fans would then only be angrier than they were in the first place for having been sold a false dream.

Its more likely imo that its just paper talk, or there’s some truth to it. Ranked in third would be that the club are feeding this line to placate fans.


Wouldn’t be surprised of it. Nothing has really changed since Wenger and Gazidis left. The bad habits are still here.


If we get him, we would have had arguably the 3 best players from world cup 2010 in our team. Özil, Alexis, James.


And managed to somehow turn two of those guys into less than the some of their parts. I realize it’s not all their fault, Arsene and Ivan made some really bad squad building decisions those years. But still, looking back it’s still crazy we only bought a keeper that summer. :gabriel:


James shone at the 2014 World Cup, not 2010. Colombia didn’t even qualify in 2010. Alexis scored no goals and claimed one assist in 2010.

Think you’re slightly confused here lol


You’re confusing them with the 2014 one(except Ozil, who also was the star of Germany in 2010). James was definitely the discovery of that Wolrd Cup after flopping at Monaco. It’s crazy because you can add Joel Campbell in there too, who pretty much carried Costa Rica with Keylor.


Yeah Alexis and James were great in 2014 WC. Özil was good aswell


Yes i meant 2014, Özil was at the heart of that 7 - 1 dismantling of Brazil.


That doesn’t tend to matter much any more lol. If the rumours are right, Mkhitaryan didn’t want to come here as part of the swap deal last year.

However, if, as a player, you’re guaranteed playing time at a new club and not so much at the old club, you tend to warm to the idea.