James Rodriguez

Probably just me but anyone else think James could be the perfect nine and a half for us ?


But Madrid have put him up for sale and we were linked to him a little while back to.


El Confidencial are pretty good when it comes to Real Madrid outward transfers, and some inward ones too. When Gonzalo Higuain was leaving Madrid, and much of the European media were saying he was set for Arsenal, El Confidencial were almost alone in Spain with their insistence Napoli looked like the destination.

When the European media were claiming Angel Di Maria was on his way to PSG from Madrid, El Confidencial explained a transfer to Manchester United had been ‘all fixed’ by Jorge Mendes, with James Rodriguez set to take over from him.

The big exit they’re predicting this summer is James Rodriguez, and that’s no big surprise, what is perhaps a surprise is it’s stated Arsenal have shown an interest in signing the player. El Confidencial have been running the Rodriguez exit line for several months, and now Arsenal and Manchester City are held aloft as possible destinations.

Rodriguez is represented by Jorge Mendes, but despite a myth Arsene Wenger has publicly refused to work with Gestifute, he actually said quite the opposite. However, Arsenal interest in Rodriguez would be a surprise, maybe it’s his side pushing that line, or Madrid themselves.

Both Arsenal and Manchester City would want a ‘significant discount’ on the player, seeing Madrid make a big loss, but the Spanish club may well struggle to find a happy home for the Colombian superstar without taking a loss they’d find, at this stage anyway, unacceptable. There’s always the hope Manchester United’s Ed Woodward arrives spending like a drunken sailor.

Its no more ridiculous than the Lewandowski or Griezmann links. :slight_smile:


Sanogo to Leicester is more credible :slight_smile:

I’d have him in a heartbeat, I think he’d be perfect. Can play out on the wing or no. 10, and he’s got an incredible finish and technique on him so you might even be able to convert him to a striker.

Hard to accommodate him because of Ozil but a quality player. Tad overrated.

The only issue for me is that he’s another attacking midfielder and we’ve got those coming out our ears. If we’re gonna spend that kind of money, buy a goal scorer.


Not needed. Would be a placate the AKB’s type of signing.

James is a goal scorer, a goal scoring midfielder :smirk: seriously though his numbers aren’t that far off Griezmann’s or Van Persie’s after 300+ games when you consider they both played atleast two seasons up top in that time to.

Griezmann - 308 games 109 goals

Van Persie - 307 games 117 goals

Rodriguez - 302 games 88 goals

That said I fully agree if we’re gonna splash that kind of cash it’s gotta be on a proven out an out goal scorer like Lewandowski or Griezmann.

Isn’t he related in some way to Ospina? Perhaps, by marriage…

Still, this nor Lew or Griez is going to happen. Should just lock the threads.

Yeah he’s married to Ospina’s sister.

Ya the only reason this would happen is if we’re on the “sign anything that is quality” trail, then he’d be a statement signing, but I doubt it. Plenty of players that do what he does here already, he’d be good but not great, he’s worth like £35m - £40m and they’d want twice that.

This player makes me on fire. I adore him, his style and his technique. Would be an incredible player for Arsenal. Imagine you a trio composed by him, Sanchez and Mesut Ozil… ::giroud2:


I’m just imaging the likes of Hazard, De Bruyne, Yaya, Tadic etc. physically decimating them and leaving our defense completely exposed. That’s not a well thought out midfield, that’s Wenger’s wet dream midfield.

He’s a player with loads of technique, class, and end product. Problem in he’s not especially athletic, he doesn’t put in much work on defence, and his work ethic is questionable.

I don’t think he fits in the same team with Özil, he should go somewhere where he will be given the mantle as their #10, because if he does that he’ll probably return to being the 2nd best #10 in the world (after Özil) as he was the season before last.


Even though I said about having James as our focal point (a 9 ½), can’t help but agree with this, they’re both type of guys who deserve to have teams built around them. If Utd had any sense they’d get drop Rooney from the #10 role and go all in for Rodriguez.


Chelsea have moved ahead of rivals Arsenal in the race to sign Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez, according to Sport.

The west London club still have €150m left to spend on a player whose contract at the Santiago Bernabeu runs until the end of June 2020.


Agent Davie!

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No chance of this one happening either.

He costs like 90 million. Not a single fucking chance

Fichajes :dizzy_face: