James Rodriguez


Come to Arsenal it’s great, they’ve got the best quality benches in Europe. We can have family barbeques on the 8 days a year it’s over 20 degrees and not raining.


Don’t even fucking care. Not needed.


Better than Wenger and Gazidis at doing deals! :poldi:


Zero chance… next!


Incredible player, hate to see him anywhere near city Utd or Chelsea, which means he’ll end up at one of them.


Complete lack of silly season thread on new OA. :gabriel: So I shall post it in here…

Jose Luis Sanchez: Only Inter and Arsenal have made bids for James so far, but both lower than what RM wants. United have lowered their interest.



Pls yas




Need agent Ospina to get on his brother in law’s case. It can be his parting gift to us.


Rumour mongers like “Link Arsenal with everyone… Those desperate fools will click anything”


Hah can’t see this ever happening. Unless we sell Alexis or Ozil or both


Pretty sure El Chiringuito are almost a parody, very bad source at least.

I can vaguely remember the list @AbouCuellar posted on the old forum ranking the Spanish sources and IIRC it was near the bottom.


@AbouCuellar was a massive fan of El Chiringuito (oh dear, reminds me to the trash show on MTV) and a massive fan of their reliables news about transfer window.



Attempt at irony?


Nope… :theo:


Haha ok, just making sure. Indeed, it is the most trash of television you can find. It’s also extremely pro-Madrid. In other words, a veritable inferno.


This would only work if Özil left.


Nah move Alexis into CF. James and Ozil behind.



Ornstein needs to wake up


This pains me to say it, as Özil is second only to Diaby and Bergkamp in my book (I guess that makes him third, but whatev), and I’ve got really no time for James except as a footballer, but if we can’t get Özil to re-sign and we can get James to sign, we should probably sell Özil and buy James. Same probably goes for Alexis, actually, though that would put serious onus on us to find a striker.