James Rodriguez


Signed him twice! :smile: bargain buy.


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I am not discobot, but is the Answer Diego Costa?


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Apparently Kovac doesn’t play him because he doesn’t fit their system and he’s come out and said he’ll leave Bayern if he doesn’t get more game time.

Would absolutely love him at Arsenal, and after stints at Real and Bayern there are many bigger clubs he can go to do we might be able to snap him up.


Me too. He has good legs :heart_eyes:


Surely Liverpool will be all over him after missing out on Fekir?

They’re in the market for that kind of player.


I want him so bad, he would score so many bangers for us


Top player but does he press enough for Emery’s tactics?


He is the kind of #10 I like; high goal scoring as well as creating.

James is a star and excellent player, I love his style of play and he would kill it in the PL.

Big game player too.


Liverpool are supposedly signing Christian Pulisic in January. Not sure how they would both fit in.


if they sign him then they are spending just as much as city, i dunno how they can afford to spend as much as they have continously i know they got god money for Coutinho but i am damn sure that would being many installments as thats how Barca are.


What would his fee be these days?


Too much for a poverty club like us probably


Would be great at RW.


I reckon he could be bought for £50m now, considering Bayern dont seem to want him and RM dont want him either so i reckon that there will only be a few clubs that would be buying him because Chavski dont need him Manu wont be looking at their midfield or getting him Liverpool dont need him and i cannot see him going to barca yet again not needed.

Although a great a player i cant see too much competition for his signature.