Jack Wilshere


Super super Jack Wilshere!



Ornstein confirms it!

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Jack’s flicks :heart_eyes:

Jack with Ozil :star_struck:


95% of you wanted Jack out 2 months ago…oh to be an Arsenal fan…lololol


Probably the same group of fans wanted Mustafi fuck out of the club after “faking” an injury.


100% dribbles completed
93% pass accuracy
64 touches
6 dribbles
3 tackles won
20 Benson and Hedges

Our Jack :heart_eyes:


That 100% dribbles cant be right. He dribbled into Barkley, lost the ball then took a yellow card.

He did have another fantastic game though!


So glad we stuck by him! Hoping we see Elneny, Ramsey and Wilshere soon.


Fantastic post!!! Ramsey in that Xhaka spot would be lethal af.


First choice XI should clearly be a 4-3-3 with AMN/Elneny, Ramsey, Wilshere and Mkhi, Özil, and Lacazette. Iwobi as the first choice to fill into that group should someone be injured. I can see the desire to bring in Auba, and the “all in” approach to try to get 4th, but it really doesn’t strike me as the most responsible of gambles-- not sure how much Auba moves the needle as an upgrade on Lacazette (still feel Lacazette is a quality striker and just needs to keep being played, especially in a system with four creative players/facilitators like Ramsey, Wilshere, Özil, and Mkhi/Iwobi) or on Mkhi/Iwobi in a formation adjustment. If he were going to be available in Europa maybe I’d say, fuck it, we’re a club with a lot of financial resources, go for it, but given he isn’t, it just seems like high risk and lowish reward.

Prefer to keep giving Iwobi a route into the team to continue evaluating what we have there, and to not load our attacking force up with a 28-29 yo (Auba), 29 yo (Mkhi), 29yo (Özil), and 26-27 yo (Lacazette) before summer when we can once again evaluate the state of the club and where to go from there. I understand the importance of getting back into CL but the risk that a) Auba isn’t even the difference between CL and no CL and b) we don’t get CL with him is too way too high to justify an outlay of £60m + wages on a 28-29 yo striker, IMO.

Our priority in the rest of this window, for me, should be a young striker with potential to back up Lacazette, someone like Solanke (would’ve been a good signing-- Jean Kevin Augustin, maybe?), and getting Welbeck the fuck out of here.

Anyways, @A.F. @Burgundy how’s your opinion of super JACK Wilshere (JACK IS BACK, JACK IS BACK, SAVIOUR SAVIOUR SAVIOUR) evolving, then? :cowboy_hat_face:


Xhaka should be given the opportunity as the lone DM in a 4-3-3. We finally play this formation and Wenger plays him as a high number #8 :rofl:.

Wilshere is growing on me again. His dribbling and ball carrying has been a nice addition for our midfield. I still worry about his lack of engine and suspect defense.


Lol it is pretty funny, isn’t it.

Yeah, I guess it might be worth giving him one last chance in such a set up, but that is an extremely offensive group of players and can’t help but feel you need a real defensive engine in that position to make it work.


Too late for him to be trusted there tbh. Elneny deserves his shot.


Agree with a lot of what you said and can defiantly understand your line of thinking, but Auba is a fairly large upgrade on Laca in the next 2-3 years.


I do agree. Time to bench Xhaka once and for all.


Surely he will sign a new deal with us?





Gone rather quiet on his new contract…

Maybe he was told the #10 is going to Ozil :smirk: