Jack Wilshere




Strongly suspect he’ll take the 4 (much more suited) off Per when he retires and Ozil will become the #10.




It’s happening!!!¡¡¡¡


Announce Wilshere


Where’s the MacFarlane memes?


I like Jack number 8 best


Imagine if they’re just selling tickets to his testimonial.


Isn’t Walcott eligible for a testimonial? We should give him and Jack one



It’s not what you think it is :wink:


Arsenal doing a click-baiting lol!



A reboot for the CM position seems very unlikely if this goes through. I think we’ll break the bank for Ramsey too.


I don’t see this as much of a problem as it’s clearly a performance based contract. I’ve convinced myself that we’re getting shot of Xhaka this summer, which, more fool me, but we need to upgrade him more than anything.


Yes super Jack!


Wow that football IQ, that midfield control, almost as many attempted passes as our GK.


Wasn’t especially impressed with him today. Really felt like this was a game for Ramsey and the injury forced Arsene’s hand to play Jack in midfield instead.


Played some really nice passes today




Jack Wiltshere is our great player in midfield. Should be captain and build round him. Spurs don’t like because he’s better .
I think he is worried his hair all gone.