Jack Wilshere


Full name: Jack Andrew Garry Wilshere

Date of birth 1 January 1992
Place of birth Stevenage, England
Height 1.72 m
Playing position Midfielder


So, is the English Diaby fit? How many games this season will he play–10? 20? 4?

I kid, sort of…

Since Arsenal don’t want to sign players, let’s hope he stays fit and shows off some of the big potential he has.


At least he played a bit in France, so he should be ready for the new season.


No he needs 4 extra weeks off like the rest of the coddled internationals.


He just played 45 (just guess) total minutes in France??


Jack is out with a minor knee problem but its only short term, so I guess we can expect to see him in late April.


damn… late April???

that’s a bad joke… :wenger:


Injured again? Lol


Its never ‘minor’ when it comes to Jack Wilshere. Expect this to be nothing but long term.


Ultimately, this is why we can never pin our hopes on Jack anymore.


Sadly, he’s the English Diaby.


Exact same thing happened last pre season. Wenger said he had a minor issue and would be back in a few days, and then didn’t end up playing until the last match of the season. Comical stuff.


As many have said many times, best not to rely on Jack at all at this point. Need Mahrez, Laca, and Mustafi and we do as well as can possible this summer. Get rid of Walcott too and I would be thrilled. Jack would only have cameo role then and could earn his spot if he somehow remained healthy and focused.


I think we all know about this… Jack will be Wenger’s new signing




Its happening, expecting him back around April.


Said on the old OA and I’ll say it again, Jack Wilshere will never complete a full season again in top flight football. His body can’t hack it. Sadly Wenger will never move him on, heck I don’t even know if Arsenal can afford to move him on. Jack’s always come out with PR stuff like he bleeds Arsenal etc, making it more difficult to cut ties.

From a professional perspective, a business perspective, he is a broken asset. He has bags of talent but we are never going to see it in more than flashes here and there if we are lucky. A true title winning side wouldn’t have it, lucky for him we are not that. I get that he is ‘one of our own’, but seeing that no.10 shirt go from Bergkamp, to RVP (~spits~), to the medical table is just heart breaking. For me he has not done enough to earn such a shirt for us. His development constantly getting halted is making it harder for him to become a top player one day.

I don’t even know if I care if he stays or goes anymore, he has just become part of the furniture that hardly gets used these days. It’s a shame really because I was a massive Wilshere fan boy, now he just pisses me off.


He should be viewed as a bonus/luxury player in the squad.

Unfortunately, Wenger views him as our ace in the hole. Each and every summer transfer window, Wenger goes through the motions of assessing the players at his disposal and, like clockwork, each and every time he will stick Jack in the elite first team bracket of players within the squad.

Then he gets injured. Then we are a key player short. Then our lack of depth is exposed. Then we fail. Again.


This summer has been a disaster for a lot of reasons but Jack being injured isn’t one of them.

Then again if Arsene was counting on him making any sort of meaningful contribution to the squad, we’ve got huge problems.


I honestly think the way he plays throwing himself around and lunging in will prevent him form realising his potential !
Sadly I would get him fit play him and then sell him ASAP !