Jack Wilshere


Shame that Southgate doesn’t think the same atm. England going home early in the summer :mustafi:


If Wilshere stays fit there’s no way he isn’t going to the world cup


What’s going on with his contract?


I would love if it he was like – nah you’re alright mate. Then England will fail and he’ll be the best player England never had.


Txixixii Bergeinreinrostein is just finalising it


A barrel of WKD and a packet of fags for every MOTM performance?


Imagine if he turns it down :eyes: Hopefully the fags swing it


Guess Jack truly wants to stay at Arsenal so he’s ok with this offer.


Hope he signs



He wants to be the Arsenal captain, can see him staying.


That sounds entirely reasonable and is the kind of sensible approach I hoped we’d take. Nothing justifies a wage increase at this point, unless the increase is based on incentives that mean he is playing regularly and not injured.

Now we’ll see how much he wants to stay.


I want him to be the Arsenal captain. Assuming x,y and z of course.


Yea can’t argue with that offer to be honest. Surely he won’t be getting a better offer from elsewhere…unless city want him.


He could be arguably our best midfield player next season so we should do everything we can to keep him.
Losing Wilshere, along with Sanchez, Chamberlain, Walcott, Cazorla, Coquelin and possibly Ozil in a season, is too much to replace.

He is easily worth 80k a week, if Walcott was on 120k.
It’s only his injury record that is the problem, but under a new manager we might not have as many long term injuries as we have done.


From “definitely” leaving to “possibly” leaving. You’re learning.



Believe it or not, I did that for your benefit.
I know how much you can’t stand the thought of him leaving.
Especially with Giroud “possibly” going as well.


If Özil and Giroud both leave within months of each other then we may as well just fold the club. They’ll be nothing worth living for.



Announcement soon?



CAPTAIN JACK :sunglasses: