Jack Wilshere


It was a bit of an unlucky one. When the ball hits your toe from that angle it can do a number on the best of ankles. Hopefully he’ll be alright.


Superman - man of steel
Jack - man of glass

So unfortunate


He’s played a fair few games now and taken a few knocks in those (most fouled player in the league during that period), I’m hopeful he’s returned a little more solid and will be alright :crossed_fingers:



In fairness, I’ve had the ball hit the toes and stretch the tendon too much before - fucking kills and difficult to fix!


Doesn’t sound too bad.


Answering the lingering question marks about his quality.




At least Jack nearly stayed healthy for the duration of Ramsey’s injury, but I get the feeling we will see Xhaka/ Elneny at Bournemouth :dizzy_face:


and will still win by 3 goals, bournemouth are terrible. Or we could of could totally Arsenal it up.



Yes Jack! We are all waiting for you!


We have drawn the likes of WBA, Southampton and West Ham and lost at Watford and Stoke, not confident of winning away game.


Only player worth watching in this bunch?


Yeah, he looks up for it.


Jack’s great so far but so is AMN imo


Thought Jack had a good game.

IMO, he’d probably be better off moving to another team.


At least the only player that is technically somewhat gifted. Still can’t part with the ball at the right time and almost lost the ball a few times in our own half but apart from that looks good.


Only positive right now