Jack Wilshere


Sign the contract immediately! We can’t afford to lose him as well.


So we effectively have one midfielder on £300k a week? :grin:

But really, as a depth option Wilshere is great. I’d be happy to have him play that role long term. It’s irresponsible to expect him to be a 35 starts kind of guy.


What say thee @A.F.?


Exactly. It’s a bit of the same dilemma (although obv. he hasn’t delivered what they have) as having Robben in your team, or Bale for RM, they’re good enough to claim a first choice spot but not reliable enough fitness-wise. What do? Maybe Jack accepts being rotated for the rest of his career as long as it is here at Arsenal though.


Love the fact he is desperate to play for us. A true Gunner.


Jack is back


If I were to say anything at all, then it’d be what I always say about him.



He’s looked fairly immense in this Christmas period, doing 90 minutes in 4 matches seemed unthinkable a month ago.


Right it was the milk & bread that was the problem not the cocaine, cigs and alcohol.


Yeah good point m8 Jack is a definite cokehead


The inevitable has happened. Wilshere is off injured.


Feel for him. He doesn’t get any luck.

Feel for us too, with our current injuries we have no creative midfielders :grimacing:


Haha seriously??

Who came on for him?


Elneny :roll_eyes:



Did it look bad?


Not really. But hey it’s Jack Wilshere


Somebody kicked the ball at his foot.

I shit you not.


All part of the anti-Arsenal conspiracy


R.I.P Jack. It was good while it lasted.