Jack Wilshere


I’m not his biggest fan and have my doubts about how big a contract he should get, but there is something to be said for having one of your own playing for you, someone who you know really does give a fuck.


Doesn’t happen much these days either, so fucking rare.


Harry Kane probably wishes he was banging in all those goals for us.


I know I wish he was.


So fucking good :heart_eyes:


Nothing but respect for MY Captain




Eat that, you belgian chips! Super Jack Wilshere!


What a fucking goal!!

Jack has been great since he’s came back. One of the first names on the teamsheet


He has been great since coming back in the team. Ramsey doesn’t get in whilst Jack is on this form, and if his fitness holds up.

Went mental when he scored lol.


Very deserved for the way he was playing. Keep it up Jack!


Well that’s 150k a week on the table for him after that :grinning:


I’m amazed he has been able to play 4x 90 mins over 12 days.


So it means he is truly back.


That would make him almost as good as Chamberlain. You must be mental m8.


good to see Jack getting a nice run of games for us, staying fit and playing well for Arsenal. Never thought I would see it again, really hope he keeps it up and doesn’t get injured


Will Wenger feel the same way though?

Will be interesting next week or later this month, whenever Ramsey is fully fit. I have a feeling Ramsey will come straight back in.


Must not let Jack become the next Santi. Rotate Jack with Ramsey, put less stress on the bodies of both players


Definitely. And it’ll actually be a breath of fresh air having viable replacements in CM rather than the uninspiring pair of Coq and Elneny.


I want photo proof if Sanchez celebrated the goal or not.