Jack Wilshere





Isn’t it a case we are more offensive and score more goals with him in the team? :thinking:


Looks like the EL has had one serious benefit to it.



Is it just me or do his ankles/feet look awkwardly turned in that pic? No wonder he has so many injuries :poldi: :facepalm:


Super super Jack Wilshere!


It sounds good.

on Wilshere’s contract…
The situation is that we will sit down with him. The beginning of January it’s planned.


That’s ideal for us.
I don’t mind him going to the World Cup because it’s not like we’re going to play more than a few games anyway.
But we don’t want our best players going to play in meaningless friendlies and coming back injured.

The more games he plays, the better he gets.
He is one of the few players we have that has the winning mentality and work rate that we have been lacking.
Wenger must do everything he can to keep him.


If only he could add goals to his style he would almost be a WC player. He is the only thing he lacks atm.


People going over board again on him. Hes putting a shift in right now and fair play to him. But come on hes not a game breaker or match winner and is way short of what we need to improve the squad with.
Can go in the next 2 days if he wants for me. His shipped well sailed as the future of this club.


I want to see a Ramsey-Wilshere axis again, no point persisting with Xhaka

The way he dictated the midfield yesterday was pretty much world class, albeit against a weak team.

He’s by far our best midfielder right now.


Not interested tbh. His times come and gone for me. This team needs breaking up and starting again. Just another part of damaged goods squad and not worth a new contract.



That ball over the top to Sanchez was something else and like it or not the ability to pull something like that off successfully is a game changer and something you’d expect from a player who can make things happen.


Well, when you are in a difficult situation you take all the good that comes in.


Imagine if Wilshere did leave at the end of the season.
It would make Ramsey our best midfielder.


I’d take a punt on him and re-sign, against all my alarm bells going off re: fitness… if we lose 2/3 of Sanchez, Wilshere, and Ozil for free, we have massive gaps to fill and no extra money coming in…

Hopefully Wilshere doesn’t rake us over the coals due to our pathetic contract situation…


That ball over the top. And taking on defenders is something Arsenal sorely needs.

He doesn’t have to be thought of as the future of the club, but undoubtedly can be a key cog for the Europa League/Top 4 fight. He can help be a bridge between now and new signings in the summer to replace the obvious departures.

The asterisk here is a reasonable contract of course. :wink: