Jack Wilshere


Yeah I got that lol, what I didn’t get is what those arguments meant.

What does “he prefers bad players” mean? Who is going to say “there is no financial argument”? Wenger’s detractors complain about him frivolously giving wages to undeserving players, I’d assume that they’ll be glad to hear that we are not just giving Wilshere whatever he wants when he hasn’t merited it.


Yeah it wasn’t the most coherent post haha

Let me try:

What does “he prefers bad players” mean?

He prefers trying to play players back into form, especially if he likes them, even when they’re not a particularly “top” player. Even if we have better on the bench.

Who is going to say “there is no financial argument”?

We have the money to pay Wilshere whatever he wants (with in reason).

That’s how I interpreted it, @oompa just seemed like he was going for that “I’m Drunk and Swedish” kind of style I think


Next season Wilshere is going to be our most influential midfielder, so paying him more than most other players would be the right thing to do.
I know he has fitness issues but as a player we don’t have many better than him, and it’s important we get him to stay.

It’s players that drift along, picking up massive wages, and barely making it on to the bench that most people have a problem with.

Wenger has a massive problem with our best midfielders leaving, and Wilshere and his agent know this.
Replacing Ozil, Cazorla and Sanchez is going to be almost impossible and, even if we did, it would only get us back to the level we already are.
This leaves Wilshere as arguably our next best midfielder and to lose him as well would mean rebuilding the whole midfield, unless Wenger thinks Ramsey, Iwobi, AMN and Welbeck are good enough to challenge for the PL.


I’ll try to remember this post next season when Wilshere is out for six months and you’re complaining that we are paying him £130k a week :yum:


I’ll be complaining even more if Ramsey is the best midfield player in our first team, and he and Walcott are the highest earners.

I understand it’s not ideal that we are having to go to these lengths to keep a player, but we aren’t going to go out and buy top quality players, so we might as well keep the few we have.


Damning indictment of how Wenger has managed our affairs that we basically have to offer a permanently crocked and inconsistent midfielder a new deal because our best players out of the door. Most of the players we’ve spent big money on aren’t working out. Mustafi was almost out the door last summer and we didn’t seem to give a fuck, Xhaka is absolute fucking trash and Wenger doesn’t have a fucking clue what to do with him. Lacazette looks good but isn’t taking enough shots, Wenger thus far doesn’t seem to have things set up correctly to get the best out of him. Right now it is hard to see how that will improve next season.

Maybe I’m being a bit over the top and emotional, but it is hard to see us as doing anything but going backwards at the moment. It’s getting to the point that I am full of nothing but disdain for Wenger. I’m two results away from becoming @Calum with the fairly constant senile old dinosaur comments haha


Everything you said is right, and not particularly over emotional considering how long our stagnation has been going on.

This situation is made worse when you read that Liverpool are breaking their transfer record by signing VVD a top quality CB, knowing full well that we are going to be selling our best player and not adequately replacing him.

Klopp, and all the other managers of the top clubs, will continue to strengthen significantly while we sit back and do nothing and listen to Wenger reel off the usual excuses of how we tried but couldn’t get who we wanted because they didn’t meet with his valuation.

Getting over emotional isn’t the problem, it’s when the predictability of every season makes supporters more accepting of what’s happening and the level of expectancy drops even lower than it was.


I don’t disagree in general but I do disagree with this part. We can’t control what other teams do so in that regard nothing they do makes our situation worse. We could definitely do what they are doing though so it’s our own inaction (or actions if you prefer) that’s fundamentally at fault.




But Gareth Southgate would rather pick Jake Livermore :rofl:


Best English midfielder of this generation.



No problem, Henderson can do the same :hipster:




Another class performance.


Don’t renew his contract, shit player.


What an assist, another decent performance.


He’s getting better with each passing game.

Very good performance tonight, nice to see his silky pass end in a goal.


Lovely assist and is looking good lately, long may it continue


just watch wenger let him leave for nothing now whilst he keeps ramsey and walcott haha


4 starts and 4 good games.