Jack Wilshere

Jack doesn’t strike me as someone with the discipline to be a coach regarding Arteta’s non negotiable mentality. Wasn’t he often seen smoking and drinking at nightclubs in his playing days ?

So it seems that Jack now plays for Aarhus in Denmark. Nice city, been there a few times visiting friends.
At least he’s now proved the desperate to play football will play for anyone doubters wrong :joy:


Again. :rofl:

Decent interview

Training with the big boys at 14, what the fuck?


Good role for him.

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love that for Jack, hope he gets a role

Would like to see Jack back, provided he drops all media obligations moving forward.

Can’t have an arsenal youth coach doing regular spots on talkshite


I’d be fine with seeing Jack back if he can earn a role on merit. I’ll be honest, I have zero fucking clue if he is cut out to manage one of our youth teams. I don’t wanna see jobs for the boys on the basis that they once played for us and little else.


I thought Jack was training with the team last year whilst doing his coaching badges and Arteta went on to praise his influence on some of the younger players at the time. Possibly while he was there the club liked what they saw and want to give him the opportunity. I am OK with it and hope he does well.


Surely this isn’t for the manager roles? Definitely not the U23 at least.

I get where you’re coming from 100% but I don’t have an issue with jobs for the boys as you describe.

I think if Jack is serious about full time coaching and wants the opportunity with the youth team, we should give it to him. Jack himself is a successful academy product who played at the highest level for the club, he can provide useful insight and guidance to youth players on top of whatever football knowledge he instills via coaching.

True it’s not a pure meritocracy but successful academies in football rarely are, they usually filled with former players who previous played for the club as they are best placed to understand and impose the core values of the club on young players. Jack as a CM prospect really encompassed everything we want to see from an academy player really.


To be fair it just says ‘vacancies’ if he’s taking up a role (Not manager) where he learns his trade there’s no harm in providing the opportunity.

As Craigie and Rocky have been getting at, it might not be/probably isn’t even a manager role, which was what I referenced in my post. The more junior the role, the less I care, and I didn’t exactly care a great deal in the first place lol. You’re right, its fairly normal stuff, so certainly not something I’ll work myself up over.

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