Jack Wilshere

Can’t have played with much good players then

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tbf to Jack he was pretty decent as a youngster, shame what happened really

Injuries and probably us as a fanbase overhyping him did him no favors. Showed signs of been a top class player, and if he avoided injury he probably be a lifer at Arsenal. If any name pops up of lost potential at Arsenal, Wilshere name will be top of the list.

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I don’t think he was over-hyped. He was amazing when he broke into the first team.


He was praised by prime Xavi and Iniesta at 19. Ran that game. Pre injuries Jack was hot shit.


Genuinely believe he was on course to being a world class player pre injuries. :santi:


Wilshere was a special player, no questions asked. Very unlucky lad. Like a lot of our talents.

Jack was great before the injuries and I think the whole world saw it. I would’ve been delicioused watching him and Cesc play their entire careers here together in midfield. Oh well.


I don’t think this phrase quite translates into English, but I really love it :laughing:

Injuries obviously killed him but I think Jack proved to be a bit brainless as a footballer as well.


haha it was @Maxi_Gooner I think (possibly Luca) who used it a while ago and it caught on a bit :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yesss, I think it was Maxi. What a legend



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Played way too much when he was 18/19. Arsenal’s pre-historic medical department and Arsene can share the blame on Wilshere’s injury-hit career.

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Wasn’t the problem mostly he played both for the senior England team and the under 21s after a full season with us, that caused his problem.

Nope. Played twice for the senior team that year. Once at the end of the 10/11 season and was withdrawn from U21 contention to prevent injury. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done.

The problem was always the way that he ran. I remember reading articles by physio’s pointing at his gait, and saying if it wasn’t remedied it would cause him lots of ankle/achilles issues.

Given he got numerous ankle fractures I’d imagine it was more a case of taking a few too many dangerous kicks and it never healed. Tragic and if you think of the list of Arsenal players lost to injury - Eduardo, Diaby and to a lesser degree Santi, RVP, Rosicky, Ramsey

Unfortunately he was playing for us at a time to stop up meant you had to kick us off the ball

Those articles were before he ever got injured in that area. His problems were foreseen years before they stunted his career.