Jack Wilshere


How is smoking a few cigs not taking care of your health? Do you reckon he was at this stuff every night or do you think it’s more likely he did it pretty irregularly like most of the population?


I’ve never seen any reports of him taking recreational drugs…


I don’t know but he had no stamina when he came back. If he was a model pro he’d be doing other cardio to maintain his stamina while injured.


You don’t know that he wasn’t.




Too harsh, just too harsh.
Smoking maybe a problem, but social drinking is never a problem.



Sorry, the captain should be Ozil.


:joy: What a story from Owen haha


How’s he been at West Ham? I’ve heard very little of what he’s done there, so wasn’t sure if it were due to injuries or not making much of an impact.


He’s been injured for months so not been playing.