Jack Wilshere


The most predictable decline. Don’t really think anybody expected anything from him after all those years of struggling with injury.


Those injuries are not the only reason Wilshire career has stalled. He is not a good enough pro and has a poor attitude. We sold and they bought a complete dud.


We sold nothing, they got him on a free transfer.


They where robbed then.


Getting Wilshere off our wage bill is like a new signing


The way Özil is playing at the moment, I sometimes wonder if we could somehow sell him come January, but not a chance probably. That would be like two new signings.


Water is wet



:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: actually crying with laughter watching that.


The fact we persisted with him so long is astonishing in the first place.

Poor bloke is clearly permacrocked.


He was a talent who pretty much ruined himself. Smoking cigarettes, getting into trouble with taxi drivers, being cocky to Spurs and spend more time crying to the referee on the pitch.

I used to hate Beckham but the man was a model professional (football not private life) and did his best in training to earn his place.

It’s still a real shame to see Wilshere become like this even though he’s a prick now.


hmmmm Wilshere and ankle injury… why does that sound familiar???



None of those have anything to do with why he hasn’t lived up to his potential.


I think it’s his attitude.



How many times can this guy get ankle surgery. It’s like in those silly video games where you fix a car by turning a big nut under the hood.

Jack: hey, Doc, my leg hurts again.
Doc: Hmm, how about another ankle surgery, that should fix ya.


Surprise surprise! :xhaka:


Smoking, drinking and taking recreational drugs while not working hard enough in training all do though. It could be he’d got a career ender anyway like Diaby though.


Honestly I feel like it’s pretty dumb to attribute any significant relevance to the finite amount of times he did those things in regards to his ability as a footballer. Especially in comparison to the guts of three seasons of injuries.

And you have no knowledge about his level of commitment in training (which he couldn’t even physically do for three years and it’s not like he came back to training obese).


You’re less likely to recover from injuries if you don’t take care of your health. Although Diaby was a model pro and couldn’t recover either. We don’t know. His ankle is pretty much perma crocked either way.