Jack Wilshere


Neither of these two will be playing in Europe while they’re at West Ham, so Brexit is quite appropriate for them.


Jack Wilshere and a fan.




maybe that is why the players were playing like twats for half the season they just sorta gave up on it, if anything though it should have made them play harder to show off for the new boss that is coming in.


Fact that players were shocked and surprised shows how long Wenger had the squad slipping his kool aid.

How can his dismissal be surprising ffs. I really wanted a hatchet man to really tear into this squad of bums not give them payrises ffs


Sacked?! No Jack, he decided it was the right time to step down don’t you know :kroenke: :kos2:


For every comment he makes, the more thick you realise he is. You hit the road Jack and you won’t come back no more. No more comfy la la land and spa:ing in the rehab room.


I can vouch that he’s as thick as pigshit. Note the “they finally” with regard to offering the contract, but it appears he was “finally” ready to sign it in April. So not at all considering his options for 4 months, oh no.

I bet he wonders what that word says above the number on his shirt.


Video of it.

“No one saw it coming”

Is this guy for real? :joy::joy::joy:


I’m pretty sure Jack means that in a “wow they actually did it” kind of way.


Do you think?

I think I lot of this squad was comfortable with Wenger and never wanted him to leave


I’m not sure why people are so surprised about that what he has said. Wenger still had another year on his contract and the general sentiment was that he was at least going to serve out his contract. It’s not surprising at all that players might not had seen this coming.


Absolutely. The announcement also did come out of nowhere with no whispers or anything that it was on the agenda. Presumably that was the same story at the club, there must have been barely a handful who knew prior to the announcement being made.




Wait… we sold Pirlo? Emery out !




Pirlo was playing more games at 36 years old than Wilshere has in the past 5 years.


Pellegrini and Hodgson, the only visionaries in the English game.


Pellegrini has always been one of the great football brains. I salute him for seeing the true greatness within Jack. :ok_hand:


Pelligrini looks like he has always had one two many vino’s !!