Jack Wilshere


San Pelligrino…


Gonna be weird seeing him line up against us…


Pirlo is much older than Jack… shouldn’t Pelligrini say Jack has the same characteristics as Pirlo instead of the other way round?


Clearly Jack is the benchmark for the modern central midfielder.

Pirlo could only hope to have the same ability to dribble into nowhere or hold on to the ball too long. Who needs masterful tempo dictation, awareness of space and exquisite passing range / execution when you can be a prolific snapchat hoe?


I got your point… but then he should compare Jack to De Bryune or some others, not a totally different Pirlo.


Love Jack but damn he was awful.


He was



Couldn’t really hear it on the stream, did anyone cheer (Arsenal wise) when Jack got the ball?


Absolutely love the bromance you have with Jack haha


Right decision to let him go… made very little impact on the game.


He didn’t appear to do anything of the note in the entire game :see_no_evil: Could be wrong


thought this was his ‘statement match’ to show emery how wrong he was for moving him on…brilliant statement made to emery.


You can’t conclude that from one match, can you?


No, but it is just another piece of evidence on the pile from when he was with us.


I reckon his fitness level is terrible, and that’s why Emery let him go, but in theory he could get back to his former self, he’s clearly got talent, vision, strength, technique.

But … He probably won’t, as there’s no fire under his arse, he’s making a lot of money, popped a few kids, has a wife, a gazillion followers on fbinstawter.


Actually heard a few boos at one point. For what reason I’m not sure.

But people didn’t really seem to care about Wilshere too much tbh


Cheers. :+1:

Shame to hear about some boos.


He wasn’t booed much if at all from the North Bank lower.

However there wasn’t a particularly positive reception either, which was more surprising. People were more interested in seeing Lucas when he came on. :thinking:


Yeah. If anything, the crowd didn’t give a crap about him. They did boo Lucas Perez at one point though. Think it was when he messed up his cross/pass during a counter.