Jack Wilshere


Yea it’s still definitely a subjective and arguable point in fairness.


Turkish profanities are the best


Wilshere WAS going to be an amazing talent. Such a shame that injuries have killed his career. Just because he has behaved like a twat doesn’t mean he doesn’t have skills. Just unfulfilled - wish you all the best Jackyboy !!



Good luck Jack. You are gonna play for your boyhood club.


Wenger said Wilshere was a future Arsenal captain 6 months ago. :wenger2:


Heh, six months ago there were those saying Wenger would be here for next season. Six months is a long time in football.


Good luck, Jack…Legend.


Good choice by Jack. Wish him all the best except when we play him !


All the best, Jack


I’m glad he hasn’t left the country. I’d have paid no attention to him in Turkey.

It’s a good move for him. If they get a forward their team could be decent.


Nice kit


Best of luck at the Hammers Jack, it’s a shame it didn’t work out but I think this is probably the best outcome for all parties.


I’m glad he’s gone but I totally wish him well. It’s a shame things didn’t turn out as we all hoped but at this stage it’s clearly the best thing for all parties concerned.


I think WestHam is the right level for Jack now. He is nowhere near the same player that showed such promise in his break out season and will probably fit right in at WestHam where the expectations will be a lot lesser and perhaps he will be appreciated more. He still has enough left in him to be the main man in that team if he can stay fit. I wish him the best.


Wish him the best but his injury record and level of performance over recent years means I’m absolutely comfortable with his departure. Would have felt like wasted resources if we were paying 100k a week (plus bonuses or whatever) to keep him here.


His departure means we can sign someone like Torreira. I’m totally comfortable with Jack leaving as well.


Can’t understand anyone who wouldn’t wish him well, but then football is one giant soap opera.

Can anyone explain where all this vitriol from Fenerbahce fans has come from? Was he really that close to a move there?


Like any fanbase it’s probably the internet try hards getting their feelings hurt over rumours not coming true



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