Jack Wilshere


Imagine you are a Fenerbache player and just won the League and their is a championship parade with thousands and thousands of people and compare that with…celebrating Europa League qualification with your teammates. Because sure enough Everton is not going to have a parade for that? You would really prefer the latter? I’m trying to look through the eyes of a player here. Life is about experiences to. Playing in the Premier League he has done for 10 years now. There is nothing to gain for him at a mediocre English club. If Southgate needs that to convince himself of Wilshere’s qualities he is ignorant.

Opportunity being the key word. English teams outside the top six don’t even have the opportunity to play European football on the regular.

Turkey is a country of 80 million people. Why is that exposure important? What does is matter what John fucking Cross writes about him?


Have you considered that Everton might not want him?


If he’s willing to travel and Fenerbahce are truly an option and he fancies the CL I’ll be disappointed if Gurbanov isn’t all over this.


Nobody implied they were interested. It was @SDGooner who offered up the hypothetical of Everton in comparison to Fenerbache


Think Fenerbahce would be a good move for Jack.

Despite the PL centricness of the discourse here, they aren’t smaller than Palace or whatever.

Good for him moving abroad. Hope he smashes it there


If this was even remotely true, the direction of talent between England and Turkey wouldn’t be so one sided that even the best players from Turkey are willing to head to ‘mediocre English clubs’. There are too many examples to cite.

All this stuff about opportunity and experience is BS, Playing in Turkey is no different than playing for one of the top teams in Portugal, Russia, Switzerland or Belguim etc You get to play in Europe and win league title right?

Who gives a darn about the media in Turkey. The whole point about media is that playing in England and doing well on a weekly basis against a higher standard of competition is a more effective way of being selected for England NT than playing in the wilderness.


I think more English players should get experience abroad, so I hope he does well there.


If he can go to Porto, Benfica he should consider those clubs as serious options tbh. Swiss and Belgian and clubs from other countries don’t offer the same money, obviously. Which makes those countries less attractive destinations. Also climate/quality of life is worse in Russia than it is in Turkey. It’s the total package.

The position Wilshere is in is completely different in comparion to those players. Players who play in foreign competitions want the experience of playing in the Premier League or another big League, because they didn’t have that experience. Wilshere has that. Money also plays a factor. Mediocre English clubs pay a lot better than every club in smaller European competitions bar maybe the rich clubs/top two clubs in Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. Hence other incentive for European players to go mediocre English clubs. Don’t overestimate your League, please. It’s not just the quality why players come over. It’s also a lot of hype and money. That won’t be a problem for Wilshere since he will get a nice financial package of Fenerbache.

Again. If Southgate can or won’t want to follow Wilshere in Turkey. That’s on him. If players need a PR campaign in order to (help them) get in the national team I wonder if they belong in the national team in the first place.


It’s unlikely Fenerbache qualify for the CL. The rest of the teams/games Wilshere will play against will be Championship standard teams.

Because of this he’ll never be able to prove himself capable of playing for a top club or for England again. If he was playing in a top league he could prove that. But the level he’s playing at is way too low to prove himself capable.


It’s really not. Players do move from smaller League to big clubs. It’s not a requirement to play for the England national team. Hell, even with the season he had it wouldn’t be to much of a surprise if he got an invitation for the World Cup. That wouldn’t be different if he got consistent playing on a lower level.

Anyway. I think there are enough good reasons to pick Fenerbache over a Palace, Newcastle United or Leicester. If he wants to stay in England. Good for him.


Name me the last player who went from playing in Turkey to starting for a top side. You’re really underestimating the gulf in class. There’s a reason buying players from smaller leagues is a big risk and it’s because it’s far far easier to look amazing at that level and then so many look useless when they move to the big leagues.


Arda Turan. Now I’m sure you want more names? It’s maybe difficult. Not impossible.

I can understand the choice if he makes it. If you all think it takes away of his career…that’s fine.


@SDGooner gotta say mate your determination to trash the absolute hell out of Arsenal and the extent which you go to deny us any credit or positivity is a bit mental.

Earlier it was the insane ignorance about the FA Cup trophies… now you’re saying we’re a mediocre club that celebrates Europa League qualification and suggesting Fenerbahce is the better place to be lol.

It’s one thing having opinions of what’s realistic but yours look like a personal defence mechanism to avoid further disappointment lol. Guess the Gunners have managed to hurt their own fans a lot over the years.


Even worse than Turkey, Paulinho went from being a Spurs reject, to playing in the Chinese league and now is a starter for Barcelona and Brazil. Can happen.


Anelka, Ribery?


Going to Turkey is basically saying your career is over. Really poor choice.


I thought that he was talking about non top six sides when saying the above.


He’ll get kicked in the air in the Turkish league all day long too. A great deal grittier than the PL.

If he has offers from Italy, I think he really should consider them.


That I value a domestic cup less than some on these boards isn’t ignorance. When it comes to it those were/are sweeteners for the trophy drought. Unless cups are our ceiling. Which it seem they are anyway.

I was talking about clubs outside of the top six and was not comparing Arsenal to Fenerbache.


He would get kicked in Italy too.