Jack Wilshere


If he is serious about getting back in the England team, then he should stay in the PL.
There are plenty of players playing in the World Cup, that aren’t at a top PL club playing in the CL, but I don’t think Southgate wants him anyway.

The reason he wants to go to Fenerbahce is probably because they offered him more money than any other club, which seems to be the main factor for him.


He won’t get in the England team while there’s a manager that doesn’t rate him in charge and unless we go out to Colombia he’ll probably be in charge for another 2 years.

He’d have to be starting for a good club and playing amazingly and I doubt it’ll happen now.


If he goes to Turkey, then it certainly isn’t about money.


Dier, Henderson, Loftus-Cheek, Alli and Lingard. Only five midfielders available and Wilshere still wasn’t taken of the reserve list (if he was on it in the first place). It tells a lot about how Wilshere is viewed by Southgate.


The top Turkish clubs pay pretty good money as far as I’m aware ?


Pretty sure they pay better than the likes of Real Sociedad, Atalanta, Sampdoria etc.

I guess someone like Wilshere might be able to get a transfer to a team like Valencia or Sevilla based on reputation though, and they should be able to match the Turkish clubs.


Fenerbache are incredibly wealthy. They’ll pay over the odds for players from bigger leagues.


Be very surprised if he goes here tbh. Even more so if he stays beyond Christmas. Dont see it happening. Someone will come in for him in England.
I think a good move for him would be Celtic under Rodgers. Not to demanding but able to showcase his skills and accommodate his lack of stamina under a footballing manager.


A better team but facing league 1 standard teams every week is arguably a poorer choice than turkey for sure.


More than the PL, or China?


Maybe. Mid table/lower PL clubs know Jack is a crock so won’t make him their biggest earner. And Chinese teams can only have 1 or 2 foreign players so might want someone better or more reliable.


Wilshere will be in the CL while we won’t. That’s a great move for him, dare I say an upgrade :grinning: He made the right choice as playing for Wolves or Palace for a player of his status is way more embarrassing than Fener


Maybe more than a 7-20 EPL club but probably not more than China. But you also get European football with the turks.


If he goes to Fenerbahce of course it’s about money. Didn’t the club come into some heavy investment recently through a new president Ali Koc?

Was rumoured that Jack gets a massive signing on plus €5m net wages.


Fener will pay him excess of 120k pw without hesitation. Reckon he’ll love living out there. Turkey has become extremely ‘europeanised’ over recent years.


With the exception of inprisonment when speaking your mind about the government. :wink:


if europeanised means Islamic regime yea sure :mustafi:


He’ll get shot soon


He can’t eat pork and smoke though :xhaka:


Aren’t the personal income tax rates much lower in Turkey too? 100k/w is a lot more there than in the UK.