Jack Wilshere


I like off the leash Wenger

We want more


Came out of nowhere, random move,if true.


Jack wtf?

He can do so much better


I know the kebabs are mouthwatering but I still don’t see it.


When I went to Turkey there were English breakfasts on every corner. I can see the appeal.


Has anyone told him Istanbul is nowhere near Marmaris?


I’m sure a top lad like Jack is just interested in all the history and culture Istanbul has to offer.


Can he? Good chance of Champions League football, good money, good climate, good chance of multiple League titles and good city (I heard). I’d pick Fenerbache over any club outside the top six in England, top five in Spain, top two in Germany or top four-ish in Italy.

Playing in a ‘top League’ is overrated.


Of course he can.

If I were Jack and I wanted to get picked for England again I’d choose any ambitious Premier league clubs which play decent football over the obscurity of Fenerbache.

Things like CL football, money, climate and Turkish league titles are completely meaningless factors in the context of playing in Turkey.

Levels of exposure, media recognition and competition are totally different between England and Turkey, it like day and night.


Yeah with the exception of Simon Kjaer, Turkey is where football careers go to die.

I’m sure he could have gotten plenty of offers from the Italian and Spanish leagues.


Because he is Danish? Haha


Finished if he goes there !?


Wow. I really wasn’t expecting him to leave England. Good luck, Jack! Fenerbahce about to get some Shere Wilpower. :sunglasses:


He’s the only player I can think of who went to Turkey mid-life in his career and then managed to make it back into a bigger European team haha :joy:


You would prefer to play for Everton (they are the ‘best’ club outside top six even if their past League campaigns don’t really underline that) in comparison to Fenerbache? And that’s actually a better choice because of your England career whilst he has the opportunity to play in the Champions League/win titles and make more money and have a better quality of life? If Southgate doesn’t bother to follow him because he might goes to Turkey that’s on Southgate. Not Wilshere.

Media recognition. Lol.


Nothing is permanent in football and he’s young enough still. If he does well there another club will buy him in a year, or two tops.

Not that I’m buying this just yet


WTF Jack ! Turkey ? way too early for him to go retire already. Hopefully its just for a quick Kebab before he moves elsewhere.


KofteBoy :mustafi:


Wilshere looks to be like your classic Brit abroad so him going to Turkey doesn’t surprise me in the slightest lol


For Jack, Everton is a better proposition than Fenerbache for sure.

Stop touting the ‘opportunity’ to play CL football as if it’s a respectable or credible factor here. Top end of the Turkish league is reasonably competitive, Fenerbache didn’t qualify last year and only did this year on goal difference. Qualification to qualify isn’t even guaranteed.

Even then, this year they have to play two qualification rounds before getting to the group stage. Last time two Turkish teams made the group stage was in 07/08 which was the last time Fenerbache made the knockout stage was the same year incidentally.

Winning the Turkey league is totally meaningless. Not a credible achievement to anyone outside out Turkey.

The media recognition and exposure from playing on a weekly basis in England is much greater than playing in Turkey on a weekly basis. What’s wrong with this statement?