Jack Wilshere


If you are making this accusation, then you should accuse the root of causing this, IMO.

If there is no fans and supporters, their actual “boss” who pay for merchandise and watch their movies, games, listen to their music etc. etc., nobody would bother to put their personal life for public.


You don’t need social media to have fans. Or are you a millennial? :slight_smile:


The most boring and unimportant saga ever. Just leave.


Just a fucking wannabe that never was. Teams hes linked with tells you his full worth. Go back to Bolton.


Whereas OA is a different issue entirely… Either way you’re talking shit on the internet


I guess you could say a forum is a form of social media.


Of course it’s comparable, which is why I don’t understand your post at all


I’m not surprised.


I’d ask you to explain why but I know you won’t


I posted mine for shits and giggles not as an opinion on Jacks Twitter…:giroud:

I Ronny.



Cmon you can do better!


Good riddance in my opinion.

Wilshere has done nothing to merit his wage and game time demands since 2011. Because Wenger is so loyal to his players, especially younger ones, Jack forced his way out to Bournemouth on loan, eventually costing us midfield depth in an injury ridden season.

Players who love the club and play for the badge stay and fight. You don’t need to go through the academy and youth programme to be a club legend or have passion for this club (see Mertesacker, Ljungberg, Rosicky).

Jack is a living romantic myth. Glad to see the club move him on.


Wenger on beinsports: wilshere refused two offers from Madrid in 2012, and multiple offers from PSG last year, it’s too bad he had to leave, i’ve never seen a more loyal player than him.

Shame it had to end this way for him with Arsenal, good luck to him in his next club.


From Arsenal, Real Madrid or PSG… To West Ham lol


So thats both Wenger and Jack turned down Madrid then. Somehow they managed to still win 3 CLs without them. Strange that.


Apparently it’s a fake tweet.




Sad to see Jack go. Wasn’t the best player on the pitch, but he always gave a shit.


Does feel quite odd seeing him in the English Football section I must say, even if I don’t give a fuck that he’s gone like some do.


We don’t even know if he’ll be staying in the English football section. He might rock up at Barcelona :laughing: