Jack Wilshere



If Santi wants to stay, he could
If Santi is healthy again, he could be a starter

If neither was offered a contract (of a starting role), then I don’t understand why Mav bashed Jack so hard.


How can he stay if we are not offering him a contract? :joy:

We offered Jack a contract months ago. I can see why he’s treating them differently. It’s because they’re different.


That’s why it was not appropriate to compare two in the beginning.

Santi was never recovered… the club did not offer him a contract, on the other hand, Santi did not say he really wanted to stay and asked for a contract.
He knew his time with Arsenal was ended, that’s how I see it, and he just left, and then signed for another club.

A contract was offered to Jack, for whatever reason, he did not accept it.

In what way Jack was handling this in a worse way so Santi got his praise and Jack got his bash??


Such a shame!

I was hoping Jack would be the guy I could see being a proper club guy till his retirement.

He has such a unique style of play which was a joy to watch in his first season. Shame it was only for one season.
People forget that Jack was so good that he was player of season ahead of Cesc, Persie & Nasri in his debut season.

Wish him well & I have a feeling he will become a bit cuntish & I won’t have any Arsenal bias to hide my annoyance towards him.


Man I realized after recollecting that the promise shown in 2010-11 was so hampered by injuries that he never even came close to that form again.
It’s so so so fucking sad. I bet he must curse his injuries all the time.

Is this a bigger disappointment than Rosicky, Diaby & Vermaelen?


That’s what he claims, which is also bollox


Considering Jack hardy played due to injuries we are hardly going to miss him . Sad but for the sake of a new era , we have got to move on , with a fit and powerful squad . We can’t carry crocked players from now on .
Thank you jack . Best wishes fella .


Yeah Jack was unbelievable for a 19 year old that season, but as much as Nasri is a cunt personally I felt he was best player that season and Jack 2nd.


Errr…considering the fact he’s not exactly good enough and a new manager coming in. Surely he should sign the contract and try his best to convince the new boss?


what a self absorbed little twat, look at his social media posts in this…its like he is trying to make out that his story from the world cup to his ‘arsenal saga’ is so intruiging and we are all hanging on with bated breath to see what he is gonna do…fuck right off he is pathetic. All of this from a bloke that struggled to break into a fucking bournemouth team.


You want him to go meditation instead???


I cant hate on Jack. Wish him all the best for the future. He always gave it his all on the pitch, but his shite ankles really fuckd his career.


Where is he going next?
West Ham, or maybe somewhere like Wolves?
I know Crystal Palace were interested but I think they have a few problems financially.


Offered improved terms to be an unimportant player? This mess doesn’t add up at all.


He wasn’t offered improved terms.


He’s posting about himself on his social media account to followers of his that will be interested in his next club. What’s the issue? :grimacing:


I think anyone who posts their meaningless drivel on social media is self absorbed :slight_smile:


I agree constantly worried about other peoples opinions and desperate for validation.

What does everyone else think?


Jack is a public figure, a famous football player and have many followers that want to know more about him.

To say Jack is self absorbed because he post his own stuff on the internet, is like saying all famous and public figures are wrong and all are self absorbed.


Basically :slight_smile: