Jack Wilshere


That’s a player with ability, not a team with ability.


Elneny is a great squad player option to have,
Jack after that and last midfielder I’d wanna keep is Xhakaka.


TBH, am not too upset about him leaving cause that opens up the door for someone new to take his position in the squad. As most people mentioned, he wasn’t the player that he promised to be a long time back and while he still can produce moments of genius, I would rather we try someone new.

I will always want him to do well unless he is playing against us. All the best Jack.

On a related note, I love how Emery is going about his business. Whether all these changes will help us move forward or not, only time will tell but I love the whole “out with the old, in with the new” approach of Emery.


I reckon as soon as AMN was staying and we signed or going to sign Lucas, there was no place for jack on the field.


For a player that’s been at the club for 17 years, there’s a surprisingly muted Twitter response from our players and staff. Particularly interesting as many of our players are on a tour of duty and will have time to kill.

Certainly matches what I’ve heard about him not being universally liked at the club.


You remember reading in papers when players work hard to get back into the contention of being in the first team. Players try hard to prove themselves and keep their heads down. They don’t demand a transfer or loan to somewhere else.

This is exactly what this so called Gunner for life player did. Tragically got injured couple of seasons ago, when he got back from injury instead of staking his claim in the team. He went to Bournemouth on loan. Return to us playing bang average at best. Wants a fat new contract. Why can’t he be humble and get back to his best, and then sign a new improved contract extension in the future?


The very opposite happened. He was prepared to sign a reduced contract which the club offered.

The issue was he wasn’t going to be a first team player, and he wanted more play time.


So he says so he sounds like a likeable character for twats like troops. If he was willing to take a paycut (when Arsenal and Wenger offered him a contract but for less pay) he could have signed it there and then. The fact of the matter is even by his own admission they were locked in talks for months…no one is gonna tell me that you are locked in talks for months when it isnt over pay but playing time, fucking bollocks he is trying to play people for mugs with his ‘love for arsenal’ the guy is a useless greedy fucking prick that tried to take the club for a ride.


He isn’t greedy at all tbh, trying to get the best deal for himself is not greedy.

Also he then needed to wait longer to see what happened at the end of the season because of Wenger’s future, painting him as some money grabbing cretin is just plain wrong.

Was Ozil a money grabber? Will Ramsey be one?


All depends on whether he signs a contract with us or not :grin:


ok maybe not greedy, but dont tell me that a contract was offered such a long time ago and never signed and that he just wanted to play for this club at all costs even taking a paycut would have done it because that is plain bs if he wanted to be here he would have signed it with a paycut months ago. He is playing the martyr and i think his attitude stinks and is a fucking liar trying to get everyone feeling sorry for him. Had he signed the contract ages ago he wouldnt be in this situation right now so fuck him and his false loyalty.


Do we have a tendency to back stab the players if they don’t sign the extension with us for ANY REASON???

How come I don’t see people slashing Santi for leaving, but crucifying Jack for not re-signing??


Crucifying? no one is crucifying Jack for not signing. All seems pretty happy about it tbh.


because santi went thanking the fans etc knew his time was up, this cunt though is playing the ‘poor old me’ routine acting like he is down on his luck and he is arsenal through and through and arsenal have done him wrong, but still love me though…twats like troopz are lapping it up saying ‘he is the only one that has arsenal in his veins and loves the club and we got rid’


You may see it that way but I see it as a guy that loves his club and after having joined at age 9 is genuinely sad about leaving and explained his reasoning to the fanbase. Back then you couldn’t have told anyone his career here would end the way it has.

I don’t see ulterior motives from his posts yesterday at all.


i see it as him playing the victim to be honest (my view not saying i am right or anything) to me it comes across as ‘look at me look at my loyalty and poor old me i have been binned’ With his attitude with the world cup and him harping on about it i feel he is very good at this victim attitude and i think it is fucking shit. If he dearly loved the club and dearly wanted to stay so bad fucking sign the contract put in front of you and stay and work on your fitness and get a revised better one.


Sorry, negative people seeing negative words (only)…
I was mainly replying to Mav… saying Jack was greedy, cunt…

Put yourself in Jack’s situation, you were not sure if the manager would stay, you were not sure about your status on the team, and would like to wait till the new manager being confirmed and have more details and information to make your decision.
What’s wrong with that?? You and me and most of us would mostly do the same thing.

From all available resources, Jack was not even asking for crazy money. 100-120k, that’s what we heard… so why it is a problem if he wants to leave for footballing reason?

Also, I don’t understand why his letter to the fans is nothing for you, but Santi’s “thanking” is sufficient. This is just double standard.


because jacks letter wasnt a simple thankyou for starters it was full of details like ‘we have been talking for months’ its all about self publicising himself to say look guys i tried soooooooooooooooooooo hard but i got binned off if he wanted a new contract with us he could have signed one so he can fuck off with that bullshit. Also 120k for fucking what…an uninspiring spell at bournemouth not being a regular here and not being fit. This is the problem we hate wasting money ‘because we could get world class players with that’ but then we want a player that plays shit most of the time and cant stay fit and is pretty much a bit part player on 100-120k a week because he is arsenal through and through.


I think his letter is detailed enough to explain the whole situation and what he wants.

Don’t see anything wrong to use first person view to write a letter, especially he was telling people his feeling.

Nobody confirmed the negotiation hold up was because of money, and I just made up a figure.

Anyway, feel free to bash him. He is no longer with us.


Well Santi wasn’t offered a contract for starters…