Jack Wilshere


Such a shame our his career panned out after the 10/11 season, it’s the right choice to move him on though.


Was he forced out?


Jack was, and always will be, an Arsenal legend…he was a true Arsenal fan, and an Arsenal player…how many of us would love to be able to say the same…Injuries killed his Arsenal career, nothing else…his dodgy ankles ruined his England chances, and eventually his Arsenal chances also…What a shame…he could have been Arsenal and Englands saviour…

I don’t get the hatred on here, he was unlucky, he gave everything for HIS club, and he will ALWAYS be one of the best midfielders, I have ever seen at the Arsenal…Good luck Jack, a talent unfulfilled…but if it means AbouCuntface fecks off, then, you finished on a high…Thanks for everything Jack…good luck mate…xxxxxx


Wishing Jack nothing but the best moving forward. He was Arsenal through and through. It does feel like a new era is now on the horizon. I wish he could’ve been part of it.


It’s never nice to lose one of your own. Ultimately he was never the same after his breakout season which was followed by a year out with injury. He played 50 ish games in that season at 19 and was brilliant. Fact is …he’s a shadow of that promising star now and his body hasnt held up since.

Wish him the best.




Sounds like Emery told him he’d be a bench player at best, and Jack wants to play.

I’m liking this ruthlessness.


Tbh fuck lewin and the rest of the medical staff for fucking this guy up.

Such a promising career ended by incompetence.

Hope now that it doesn’t happen again


Shame that injuries ruined what seemed like a promising career, but I can’t say I’m particularly bothered about us letting him go.


the same medical staff fuck up Santi and many of our players.


Sad to see Jack go but there’s no room for sentiment now . This club need to be challenging on every front and carrying croaked players isn’t the answer .
Hope he does well where ever he decides to go .


Glad but sad.

Thought one time he was going to be captain and looked forward to watching him grow. In fact i called my son Jack in part down to this guy…

Instead sadly just watched him in a tracksuit after limping off, on a treatment table or chuffing a fag in the paper.

Still he’s done his 17 years here and should be thanked and rewarded with a good send off but i’m with Emery. Cant see him getting game time he desperately needs so to me right decision…

Cheers Jack and good luck… We wish you well but our path lies in a different direction.


It’s a sad day but it’s what’s best for all parties at this point.

He’ll never be at the level he promised to reach, but he can still have a very respectable career with a mid level PL club. All the best to him, I’ll always have a soft spot for him!


The only annoying thing about this is, all things be equal you’d much rather Jack Wilshere as a squad player than Elneny, but I understand all things like wage demands, wanting 1st team action aren’t equal.


Should have signed the contract. At least that way the club that he loves could have at least recouped some of the money we invested in him.


That’s not a full team, what is missing is ability.


No. Ability is there. Just mostly in Carzola unfortunately.


That team will likely beat the current team. Also missing Ox who’ll probably replace Coq/ Walcott.


Dogshagger on form was decent i guess.


Yea. I said mostly. :slight_smile: